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    Tested From Home: LEGO Builds and Camera Test!

    Norm checks in with a weekend show and tell of two unique LEGO builds: one an official crowdfunded LEGO set that was a pilot program for Technic automata, and the second a delightful custom Star Trek starship designed by a fan. It's also a way for us to test an iOS app that allows using an iPhone as a low-latency live camera that can feed directly into an OBS Studio mix. The quality of the connection is surprisingly good!

    Behind the Scenes: Using a Vintage Color Meter!

    Tested Producer Joey shares his experience using a vintage 1985 Minolta color meter as part of his everyday production kit, and how a color meter helps prevent color bleed or color crossover in filming. Joey talks about his workflow for measuring color in different parts of a location or when designing his garage studio, and how well this 35-year-old piece of hardware holds up!

    Episode 548 - Rise of Virtual Conventions - 4/23/20
    This week, we discuss the change in direction for Magic Leap, Comic-Con's cancellation, the rise of virtual conferences, and the impending HBO Max launch. Kishore talks about the implications of antibody testing, and we lament the shuttering of an electric skateboard company. Plus, speculation on the future of tracked controllers in the VR minute!
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    Inside Adam Savage's Cave: 3D-Printed Mechanical Claws

    Adam delights in the testing of his new extended finger gloves, a 3D-printed mechanical design by Gary Fay Creations. This articulated design gives Adam a wide range of hyperrealistic movement in his elongated fingers, which is both creepy and mesmerizing! The fit is fantastic, and Adam can't wait to incorporate them into a future cosplay!

    Tested From Home: Joey's Production Studio!

    While working from his home office, Joey shows us his setup and gear recommendations for filming in your own studios and workshops! Here's how Joey makes use of his kit of LED lights, microphones, and digital camera for Tested videos, and tips to make the most use out of your own spaces!

    Episode 547 - Surprise iPhone Announcement - 4/16/20
    We discuss Apple's new iPhone SE release, the technology behind Apple and Google's contact tracing framework, Bob Iger returning to run Disney, and two new Disney+ shows that make us felt seen. Plus, incredible fan recreations of Disneyland, a remastered video from over 100 years ago, and the science of how the Covid19 virus works. Send us questions to answer in future episodes on our Discord!
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    Episode 546 - Experience BIJ - 4/9/20
    We take a detour to the 24th century this episode as the gang suits up to play a game of Star Trek: The Next Generation VHS tabletop game! But first, we discuss the launch of Quibi, shifts in the MCU release timeline, the new PlayStation controller, and Google Stadia going free. Stick around for the second half of the show when we try to take back the Enterprise from the Klingon Kavok!
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    Adam Savage Explains How Boston Dynamics' Spot Robot Works!

    Adam Savage has been operating Boston Dynamics' Spot robot for a few months, getting to know the ins and outs of its capabilities. While more projects with Spot are in the works, Adam today answers questions about how Spot works, showing core features like how it's manually controlled to how it can autonomously navigate planned missions. Its different gaits are mesmerizing!

    How Adam Savage Is Filming Himself in Self-Isolation

    We shot this piece last month before going into shelter-in-place, in which Adam shows his custom-assembled lightweight iPhone stand he put together to film himself during weekend builds. But now that he's alone in the cave all the time, this rig is proving essential for Adam to document his builds in isolation as well as livestream every week. Hope it helps in giving you inspiration to make your own cameraphone rigs!

    Slow Mo Guys VR and The Room: A Dark Matter Review!

    We chat with Gavin Free of The Slow Mo Guys to learn about their new VR mini-series that lets you watch their experiments in stereo VR180. Joey and Gavin compare notes about the interesting production challenges of filming and editing immersive video, and we marvel at the custom Phantom Flex 4K rig The Slow Mo Guys put together to capture their experiments. Plus, Norm reviews The Room: A Dark Matter, which is one of the best puzzle games made for VR headsets!

    Episode 544 - Talking About Alyx - 3/26/20
    The release of Half-Life: Alyx is the big story, and we spend plenty of time going over the game and the decisions Valve made to push the limits of VR. (All of our discussion is spoiler-free this week). We also chat about what the maker community is doing to provide its support during the covid19 crisis, and what could happen next. Stick around for an interview with Valve's Robin Walker and Corey Peters, as well as our spoiler alert review of the latest Picard episode!
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    Half-Life: Alyx In-Depth Review

    We've played through Half-Life: Alyx, and here's our in-depth and spoiler-free review of Valve's return to the Half-Life universe. We show you how the game takes advantage of VR for exploration, combat, and puzzle design, and discuss how it runs on different virtual reality headsets. No story spoilers or dialogue details here, but you can watch the first hour of gameplay here.

    Configuring a Gaming Laptop for VR and Content Creation

    With a shelter-in-place policy in effect in California, the Tested team is working from home sharing their current projects. Norm checks in with his recent testing and research into gaming laptops powerful enough for VR headsets and video editing, using HP's Omen 15 as an example of a system that uses Intel's Coffee Lake H processor and Nvidia's mobile RTX graphics card.

    Episode 543 - Bonsai Mario - 3/19/20
    Our podcasting adventures continue even as we work from homes, as Will guests to discuss the newly announced XBox Series X and PlayStation 5 technical specs, Call of Duty Warzone, Apple's new iPad, and the surprise hybrid of LEGO and Super Mario. Plus, Kishore answers listener questions about Covid19, and we gear up for the release of Half-Life: Alyx in under a week!
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    Hands-on with The Room VR: A Dark Matter

    We play through the first two levels of the upcoming VR puzzle game The Room: A Dark Matter. Based on the popular series of mobile puzzle games, this atmospheric take on virtual reality escape room is full of intricately-designed puzzles and a-ha moments. Here's a spoiler-free look at how it plays and why we're excited for its release!

    Episode 542 - Choosing Robin's Fate - 3/12/20
    The whole crew is back in office this week as we vulcan salute and discuss the latest events to be cancelled, covid19 as a pandemic, and the importance of flattening the infection curve. Plus, some lighter fare with Batman comics history, a 5-hour single-shot film, and our review of the most recent Picard episode! Spoiler alert goes up at the hour and 45-minute mark!
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    PROJECTIONS: Making Half-Life: Alyx for Virtual Reality

    Half-Life: Alyx is almost here, the culmination of years of development and experimentation with VR gaming. Back in December, we sat down with Valve's Robin Walker and Greg Coomer for an in-depth conversation about designing the game to showcase the potential of virtual reality and lessons learned during development. Don't worry, no game spoilers here!