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Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Planer and Spindle Sander Station!

Adam's workshop organization project today involves creating a perfectly-fitted storage platform for his wood planer and orbital spindle sander. These are tools that are used infrequently in the shop, but still need to be easily accessed and stored--and Adam found the perfect place for them under his table saw. Additionally, Adam modifies his planer to work with his shop's dust collector by making a magnetically attached hose adapter!

Lighting Setup for 1/6 Scale Figure Photography!

Norm shares his lighting setup for photographing sixth scale figures, using a combination of Aputure and Lume Cube LED lights, mounted to his office table with adjustable mounts. We walk through how each light is used and why a mini magic arm mounting solution works so well at this scale. To wrap things up, we put a Hot Toys War Machine figure under this setup for a quick photo session!

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: New Sewing Machine Station!

Adam welcomes a new sewing machine into his workshop--a powerful Sailrite LSZ-1--by building out a custom table setup for it to include organizational drawers and rolling casters. It's an upgrade based on the workflow Adam developed for his previous sewing station, and Adam breaks in the new machine by making a heavy duty canvas dust cover for it!

One Day Build Commentary: Blade Runner Blaster Box!

In this Tested Patron exclusive, Adam sits down to watch and comment on his very first One Day Build, the Blade Runner Blaster Box. Watching it for the first time in SEVEN YEARS, Adam reveals how the ODB series originated, exclaims over the many changes he's made to his shop since 2013, and provides many other insights into this build and the techniques he was using at the time. As Adam says, it's almost like attending a reunion!

Episode 567 - Take of Two Keynotes - 9/17/20
Jeremy and Norm discuss in-depth the two big tech stories this week: Quest 2 being announced at Facebook Connect and Apple's new iPad and Watch event. We answer questions viewers have about the Quest 2 and brace ourselves for a holiday season of new hardware launches. And just as we finish recording, Sony drops the PlayStation 5 pricing and release dates!
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Tested: Oculus Quest 2 Review!

We've been testing the new Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset for about two weeks, and dive deep into its differences from the first Quest, Rift S, and other VR headsets. Here's how it plays existing Quest games with its new processor and display, how it feels with the new Elite headstrap accessory, and what Quest 2 means for the Oculus mobile and PC VR ecosystems.

Evan Narcisse - The Adam Savage Project - 9/15/20
We're joined by writer Evan Narcisse to talk about how he went from being a journalist and critic to writing his favorite characters in comic books, animation series, and video games. Evan talks about how a bike accident this summer has given him new perspective in his writing, and the places in current events where he finds inspiration. Thanks so much to Evan for joining us this week and follow his work at:
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Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Socket Driver Adapters!

Adam shows off two sets of tools that helps him fast: a hex shank adapter that connects his drill/driver to any socket in your standard socket set, and hex drivers that fit any imiperial or metric hex bolts. Combined with any standard driver/drill, these are essential for tasks like putting together flat packed furniture!

Adam Savage's Very First Lightsaber Prop Replica!

In his journey recreating his favorite film props, Adam has made many lightsabers. But this machined replica of Luke's lightsaber was Adam's first foray into prop replication using reference photos he took of the original. He made this in Jamie's shop over 25 years ago after seeing the prop in a touring Star Wars exhibition. And even though it is far from a perfect replica, it holds up as capturing the essence of the prop and the gratifying experience of making the prop his own.