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Adam Savage Meets the Expanse's Stunt Coordinator!

How do you make dangerous scenes safe, especially where zero gravity is involved? Adam Savage chats with stunt coordinator Matt Birman, who has worked on the Expanse since day one, about the challenges of balancing story, location, safety and expense. Watch The Expanse seasons 1 through 4 on Amazon Video.

Adam Savage's "Keys to Hell" Sculpture!

Adam shares a piece that has been in every one of his shops since the early 90s. It's an early manisfestation of his love for making bespoke boxes and carrying cases--a precursor to the ones we've seen him make in One Day Builds. Behold the keys to hell!

Mark Rober, Friend of Science - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 1/14/20
Very special guest Mark Rober joins us this week on the podcast, talking about his upcoming new show Revenge of the Nerd and the process of developing big ideas for his YouTube channel. Mark teases a preview of one of his upcoming videos, and geeks out with Adam over engineering solutions to deceptively-complex problems.
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Show and Tell: Relio² Desktop Lighting System

Tested Producer Joey is back to share a his experiences with a new lighting system designed for desktop and studio use. He's been using the new Relio², a self-contained package of modular LED lights that precisely replicate natural lighting though laboratory calibration. Here's why not all LED lights are created equal.

Tested at the AWS DeepRacer Championship Cup!

After a full year of summit and online competitions, the top AWS DeepRacer competitors travel to Las Vegas to face off in the DeepRacer Championship Cup! We chat with competitors and learn how they've developed models to send the DeepRacer autonomous RC car around a track it's never seen before, and the strategies to keep pace with the world's best. (This video is sponsored by Amazon Web Services.)

Adam Savage Talks Costumes on the Expanse Set!

The Expanse takes its characters outdoors in season 4. Adam Savage speaks to costume designer Joanne Hansen about the modifications she and her team made not only to accommodate story, but also the actual harsh conditions the actors faced while filming. Plus, a spotlight on Chrisjen Avasarala's AMAZING clothes! Watch The Expanse seasons 1 through 4 on Amazon Video.

Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Dial Caliper

Many of you have asked about the tools used in One Day Builds and seen around Adam's workshop, so we're starting a new series putting a spotlight on some of Adam's favorite and most essential tools. Adam starts with his favorite calipers, and explains why it's like having a superpower--to precisely measure!