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Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Labelmaker

You know those little square black power transformers that come with nearly every new electronic you get? We call them “Wall Warts”. The problem is that they often don’t have written down on them which device it charges. That's why every single new adapter that comes into Adam's house gets a small label made for it, describing exactly what electronic thing it belongs to. These label makers can make very small labels (Adam puts his name on all camera equipment in unobtrusive spots) or larger and colorful labels depending on the make and model you want to invest in.

An Announcement Regarding Tested Premium Membership!

Tested Premium Membership as you know it is changing. But we're excited to offer more of what you've been asking for— including some interactive experiences.

From now on, you will not be able to make subscription transactions or update your payment method on our current system. But don't worry, if you've already signed up and paid, you will still receive your subscriber benefits for the year-long term.

Ask Adam: Have You Used Your Tattoo Yet?

In this Ask Adam, Adam answers McCauley Photography's question about his arm tattoo (which is a ruler, if you haven't noticed it). You can ask your own question in the comments section below or on social media (tagged #AskAdamSavage)!

Adam Savage Tours The Expanse's Practical Effects Shop!

In Toronto, Adam Savage tours Tim Barraball's shop Acme FX, where many of the practical effects for The Expanse are produced. From electronics to metal-working to pyrotechnics to even RAIN and SNOW, Tim and his team do it all, and Adam is in heaven seeing what tools and materials they use to achieve their amazing special effects!

Where to See Adam Savage in Person

Adam Savage ADORES conventions, and he loves meeting new fans and seeing new costumes. Here's a running list of conventions where you can meet Adam (many of them for the first time), with many more to come! (We can't announce him before the CONVENTIONS do.)

Note: Our Tested crew will not be filming at all these conventions, although we CAN confirm we'll be at SiliCON and San Diego Comic-Con!

Announcing SiliCON with Adam Savage!

You may have seen the news this week that I'm now the creative director of SiliCON!

Obviously I'm in love with cons for their enthusiastic communities and also the amazing and awesome cosplay. For SiliCON, I'm going deep. We plan to not only celebrate cosplay and fandom in general, but also specifically to celebrate the MAKING, the MASHUPS, the PERFORMANCE, and the rich tapestry of COLLABORATION that brings cosplayers incredible ideas to life.

Speaking at Silicon Valley Comic Con (now SiliCON) in 2017
Inside Adam Savage's Cave: Model Shop Archive Props!

Adam brings out a few pieces from his prop archive, including set pieces and test casting from his days working at the ILM model shop. Each piece has its own story about how Adam fabricated it or how it ended up in his collection--little pieces of practical effects history.

Adam Savage Examines the Props of Hamilton!

Adam goes back stage on the San Francisco touring production of Hamilton to check out a few of the numerous hand and stage props used for the musical. The show's prop master gives us an up-close look at some of the iconic objects from the show, from King George's scepter to Hamilton's dueling pistols!