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Thumby Micro Handheld and TinyTV Review!

We check out Tiny Circuits' newest experiment in electronics miniaturization: the Thumby, a micro handheld that's about 1/5 the size of the original Game Boy!

3D Printing Hagglethorn Hollow Tabletop Miniatures!

For this week's 3D printing showcase, we test print some of the beautiful tabletop terrain pieces from Weta Workshop sculptor Johnny Fraser-Allen's Hagglethorn Hollow!

3D Printing an Anatomical Cross-Section Sculpture!

We experiment with a 3D printing technique to make it look like a solid object is embedded in a glossy piece of translucent resin, in this case a golden skull encased in a bust of the Venus de Milo. It's a convincing effect that can be replicated using free modeling software and looks great 3D printed in resin like SirayaTech Simple Clear, painted with some Rub 'n Buff. Follow along and try this project out yourself!

Adam Savage Tests Boston Dynamics Spot's New Robot Arm!

Spot has received a massive upgrade in the form of its new robot arm! Boston Dynamics upgrades our Spot with its new arm and Adam puts its gripper to the test to see how well it can grab objects littered around the Tested studio and even open doors! We show how manual operation of the arm works, the dexterity of its movement, and get a sense of its potential as a platform for developers to create dynamic and automated tasks.

How Boston Dynamics' Spot Robot Learns to Dance!

How does a robot dog learn how to dance? Adam and the Tested team examine and dive into Boston Dynamics' Choreographer software that was behind Spot's recent viral dancing video. We take Spot to the field to test a few of its dance moves and are mesmerized by its nimbleness! As we explore Spot's new movement abilities, we're starting to see a universe of possibilities for how adjusting its gait gives Spot more character and personality.