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    Tested: VR Simulator Cockpit Rig Build!

    In anticipation of Star Wars: Squadrons, Norm puts together and tests a flight simulator cockpit kit from Next Level Racing. Made for driving and flight sims, this racing seat works with the Buttkicker bass shaker, our favorite HOTAS and racing wheel, and can be assembled in under two hours. Here's how a sim rig increases the immersion for VR cockpit sims, and we highly recommend it for VR games like Elite Dangerous, Project Cars 3, and Vox Machinae!

    Lighting Setup for 1/6 Scale Figure Photography!

    Norm shares his lighting setup for photographing sixth scale figures, using a combination of Aputure and Lume Cube LED lights, mounted to his office table with adjustable mounts. We walk through how each light is used and why a mini magic arm mounting solution works so well at this scale. To wrap things up, we put a Hot Toys War Machine figure under this setup for a quick photo session!

    Episode 567 - Take of Two Keynotes - 9/17/20
    Jeremy and Norm discuss in-depth the two big tech stories this week: Quest 2 being announced at Facebook Connect and Apple's new iPad and Watch event. We answer questions viewers have about the Quest 2 and brace ourselves for a holiday season of new hardware launches. And just as we finish recording, Sony drops the PlayStation 5 pricing and release dates!
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    Tested: Oculus Quest 2 Review!

    We've been testing the new Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset for about two weeks, and dive deep into its differences from the first Quest, Rift S, and other VR headsets. Here's how it plays existing Quest games with its new processor and display, how it feels with the new Elite headstrap accessory, and what Quest 2 means for the Oculus mobile and PC VR ecosystems.

    Testing iPhone 11 Lens Attachments + Custom Storage Box!

    We test a selection of iPhone 11 Pro lenses from Sandmarc, ranging from their 10mm fisheye to cinematic anamorphic lens to show you what kind of photos and video you can capture with lens attachements. These massive lenses can be a bit unwieldy to swap and store, so Norm makes a custom tray to keep all the accessories together and organized!

    Episode 566 - Where The Air is Sweet - 9/10/20
    We're joined by science communicator Trace Dominguez this week to discuss the state of the west coast wildfires and what's making the sky turn orange in the Bay Area. Kishore recaps the virtual panels of DragonCon, and Norm wonders how a big budget Dune gets approved. Plus, pricing for next-gen consoles, augmented reality Mario Kart, and the science of brain-machine interfaces. Thanks to Jeff for making this week's theme music!
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    Hands-On with Tactical Haptics' SaberGrip VR Controller

    We visit the labs of Tactical Haptics, where the company has been prototyping new versions of their haptic feedback VR controller during the COVID lockdown. Their controller's use of sheer forces to simulate weight and object interaction is one of the most compelling haptics implementations we've tried. Chatting with founder and CEO Will Provancher, we learn how they've been refining the controller design, creating new demo experiences, and their plans for their awesome multi-pose magnet sockets accessory!

    Tested: Droplabs Haptic Feedback Shoes Review!

    We test and review the Droplabs EP 01, a pair of sneakers with a built-in tactile transducer for haptic feedback while listening to music, watching movies, and playing games. It's an interesting example of technology designed to the constraints of footwear, giving a tactile sensation we didn't know we wanted from home entertainment. And one of the more interesting use cases: adding a new level of haptic feedback in virtual reality games.

    Episode 565 -BFGPU - 9/3/20
    This week, we talk about Nvidia's long-awaited 3000-series graphics card announcement, Netflix's plan to adapt the Three Body Problem, LEGO's first collaboration with IKEA, and debate the merits of rotoscoping over stop-motion animation. Plus, a new Marvel-themed pinball machine and the hype for Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond! Thanks to Chloe for making this week's theme music!
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    Tested: Peopoly Phenom L SLA 3D Printer Review

    We test and review the Peopoly Phenom L, an SLA resin printer with a build platform large enough to print entire wearable helmets as a single print! For Darrell, that massive build volume is a game changer for making props and cosplay armor, as he evaluates the setup, print quality, and limits of the Phenom L. We check in with Darrell to dive into his testing impressions and take a look at his test prints, including a life-size Infinity Gauntlet!

    Episode 563 - Cabinet Battle - 8/20/20
    Epic takes on Apple in the biggest tech story this week, as the team explains the conflict in a mock trial with advocates for both parties. What's actually at stake for users and developers? Plus, the response to Oculus's terms of service updates, the state of Covid testing, and how a shuffle button would and should work on Netflix. Thanks to Chip McDonald for composing this week's intro music! Keep them coming!
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    Episode 562 - Lower Decks - 8/13/20
    It's just Norm and Jeremy this week to discuss the wave of Microsoft product news, including the Surface Duo launch, Halo Infinite delay, and xcloud on iOS. We also have differing opinions about the new Star Trek Lower Decks show, and our hopes for the VR port of the Hitman trilogy. All that and more on a reverse-order show! Thanks to @lessreverb for creating this week's theme music!
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    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Tintype Photo Clamp for Gary Oldman!

    Adam helps out actor Gary Oldman with one of his hobbies in this week's build! Gary is an avid photographer, and practices the craft of wet plate photography. For that tintype process, he needed a way to mount his large glass photo plates to clean and prep. Adam builds and sends Gary a custom clamp for that purpose and we get to see the unboxing!

    Tested: LG GX Gallery OLED TV Review!

    With theaters not opening any time soon around here, we look to bring the cinema experience home by upgrading to a wall-mounted OLED television. In testing the LG GX, we examine what's new in this year's line of 4K OLEDs, dive into how Filmmaker Mode works, and take a look at what the ATSC 3.0 NextGen TV format means in the era of streaming. (This video was made possible with product provided by LG. Learn more here. )

    PROJECTIONS: HP Reverb G2 Hands-On Test and Impressions

    We get our hands on a near-final prototype of HP's upcoming Reverb G2 Windows Mixed Reality VR headset and put it to the test! Here's how it compares with the Valve Index and Oculus Rift S, as well as its improvements over the original Reverb G1. From improved optics and tracking to Valve's audio design and new controllers, there's a lot to be excited about for desktop virtual reality gamers!

    Episode 561 - Disney Double Dipping - 8/6/20
    This week, we talk about Disney's decision to release Mulan for purchase on Disney+ and what that may mean for future wide releases while theaters are closed. We also talk about LEGO's grand piano set, PlayStation controllers, and the idea of an Oculus Quest Pro. Plus, Kishore explains the vaccination testing process in an extended moment of science!
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    How To Draw and Annotate on Live Videos in Real-Time

    If you have a webcam, a computer, and a tablet like an iPad, here's how to add drawings and annotations to your videos, composited seamlessly in real-time for recording or streaming! We walk you through the process of setting up OBS Studio and iPad capture software to put your illustrations and notes on-screen--all with free software!

    Edelkrone jibONE Camera Motion Control Review

    We test and review Edelkrone's jibONE and headPLUS motion control system that's designed for portability and ease of single-operator use. Tested Producer Joey breaks down what kind of dynamic camera shots you can get with this motorized jib and multi-axis head, the process to program in movements, and practical considerations for using it in studio and on location.