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    LEGO with Friends: Train Engine with Greg Peltz!

    We're joined by special guest Greg Peltz, a set modeler at Pixar and creator of Bonelab three-dimensional skeleton model kits! One of Greg's many passions is train engines, so the set we're putting together is a custom locomotive that we hope to get running on the table. We chat about Greg's work, Bonelab creations, and geek out about trains!

    Model Behavior: Fixing Glue Mistakes

    Kayte shows us some of her tips for fixing and correcting glue and adhesive mistakes when modelmaking. Whether it's with hot glue, super glue, or epoxy, there's always a way to fix or hide your crimes. Don't panic!

    Ask Adam Anything: Drawing for Leisure

    We're bringing back Ask Adam Anything segments! Every week, Adam will take a question from the comments section below or on social media (tagged #AskAdamSavage) and answer them for the Tested member community. This week's question is about Adam's personal drawings for fun and leisure.

    Science in Progress: Making an Octopus Puzzle, Part 3

    While we wait for the California Academy of Science's Giant Pacific Octopus to learn Adam's puzzle, Kishore and Indre visit biologist and cephalopod expert Rich Ross' home aquarium and lab where Rich breeds and raises octopuses and other amazing critters. It's one of the most fascinating home laboratories we've visited!

    Science in Progress: Making an Octopus Puzzle, Part 2

    Two years after our first visit to the California Academy of Sciences, Adam and Indre return with the Octopus puzzle to introduce it to a new Giant Pacific Octopus. Here's how the marine biologists at the Cal Academy introduce Adam's puzzle to the GPO!

    Science in Progress: Making an Octopus Puzzle, Part 1

    Adam visits the California Academy of Sciences to meet one of its Giant Pacific Octopuses and chat with marine biologists to learn about Octopus intelligence. Back at the cave, he designs and builds a feeding puzzle to give to the Cal Academy to help stimulate the GPO!

    Model Behavior: Patina and Polish

    We can't get enough of Bill's Skyrim-inspired prop builds, and this week we assemble a cold-cast dagger kit from the Punished Props archive. Bill shows us how you can get a metallic finish by polishing cold cast parts, and then add real patina weathering without any paint!

    LEGO with Friends: Custom Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

    We're in for a treat for this month's LEGO with Friends! The incredibly talented Brent Waller visits us from across the world to talk about his designs for LEGO creations like the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. We check out Brent's custom minifig designs, learn about his contributions to the LEGO Batman movie, and put together this awesome Stay Puft!

    Model Behavior: Miniature Wood Flooring

    Fabricator and modelmaker Kayte Sabicer shows us a technique for making simulated wood flooring using simple gatorboard and shellac sealer! This is an effective technique she's used many times in making miniature sets, and can be use for miniature displays. The finished effect is so cool!

    Adam Savage's Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 Panel!

    Adam's full panel from this year's Sillicon Valley Comic Con! Adam talks about this year's incognito costume walk, collaborating with The Broken Nerd, and answers questions from the audience. Lots of good stories here about making things, Mythbusters, and favorite memories!

    Model Behavior: Fusion 360 Basics!

    Bill designs many of his props for 3D printing using Fusion 360, so it's about time we get acquainted with the modeling software. Using one of Adam's spacesuit parts as reference, we go through some modeling basics in Fusion to replicate a piece of Apollo A7L hardware!

    Model Behavior: Rusted Patina Effects

    Fabricator Kayte Sabicer shows us how to make plastic models and miniatures look like they've rusted with age, using real chemical patinas. The transformation happens before our eyes and the results look awesome!

    Totally Unauthorized Commentary: Return to Oz (1985)

    Norm and Danica are joined by professional modelmaker and new Tested contributor Kayte Sabicer to watch a classic "Dark Age Disney" film, Return to Oz! We talk about the expectations for this film, how it haunted us as kids, and its amazing effects puppeteering and animation work.

    Making a Skyrim-Inspired Foam Sword!

    Bill Doran of Punished Props joins the Tested team to share his expertise in foam fabrication and prop building! In our first project, Bill designs a foam sword that we can cut in our shop laser cutter. The simple project lets us dive into the basics of shaping foam with contact cement and rotary tools.