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Adam's One Day Builds: Head-Mounted Dart Blaster!

Adam finds inspiration for his next foam dart blaster build in the motorized design of the D-Dart Pro Blaster, and pairs two of them into a unique head-mounted form factor!

Adam's One Day Repairs: Broken Pot Lid!

Hang out with Adam as he spends this morning repairing the pot lid for his favorite rice cooker.

Adam Savage's One Day Build: Acrylic Display Box!

As seen in his trip to the barbershop for his MacReady cosplay beard, Adam has built a custom clear acrylic box for his latest obsession with fake beards!

Adam Savage Makes a Papercraft Animal Mask!

Adam assembles a papercraft rhinoceros mask he recently found on Etsy--featuring a tiny top hat and pipe!

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Galloping Horse Animation Machine!

Adam has a background in animation, so it's with great pleasure that he breaks out a flip-movie kit to make an animation machine!