More Making

Show and Tell: Medieval Alleyway Book Nook Diorama!

We take a look at this medieval-themed alleyway book nook from miniAlley, the latest design in their line of alleyway diorama shelf inserts. This design makes great use of an angled mirror to extend the scene beyond its 9.5"x8" formfactor, and includes built-in LED lighting and a little foliage to accompany the laser-cut plywood construction. We also laser-cut a wood frame to give the exterior some extra visual flair.

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Iron Man Mark 1 Boots!

Adam's next big costume project is a return to his build-up of his Iron Man Mark 1 armor! Previously, Adam reworked the costume's chest chassis and shoulder parts, and today he's tackling the legs and boots of the suit. Even though the castings are a good foundation to work off of, it's going to take a lot of modification and scratch building to get the armor ready for wear. Next up will be painting the whole thing!

Stormtrooper Exploded-View Model Kit Build!

This week's model kit build actually begins as a disassembly, as Norm takes apart a Bandai 1/6 scale Stormtrooper figure to rebuild it as an exploded-view model, revealing the internal structure and kit design alongside its armored shell. It's like an exploded-view diagram in physical form, and a simple modification anyone can do with wire, superglue, and their favorite snap-fit model kit!

Mechanical Dragonfly Automata Kit Build and Review

Time for a model kit build! This steampunk-inspired mechanical dragonfly is something we've seen advertised on social media, and Norm assembles it to show you how the kit comes together, its motorized kinetic movement, and what hiccups he encountered along the way. It's an aesthetically beautiful piece that has a lot of presence, but the operation and fluidity of its movement leaves a bit to be desired.

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: God of War's Leviathan Axe!

Adam makes the iconic Leviathan Axe from the God of War games as a Christmas gift for his nephew! Using straightforward reference of the in-game axe found online, Adam scratch builds this replica prop out of sintra PVC foamboard for the axehead and carves a real wood handle. Including the paint and wood stain finish, it's a true One Day Build that takes just one day to complete from start to finish!