More Making

Adam's Leonardo Da Vinci Notebooks Collection!

When Adam builds or acquires a prop replica, he's not just looking for the accuracy of its construction, but also an authenticity of the experience of holding and examining the objects.

Adam's Sci-Fi Blaster Storage Vault!

Adam finally reveals what's inside that mysterious storage chest that's appeared in recent Tested videos!

Adam's Favorite Screwdrivers Sent By Fans!

After recently discussing his favorite design for a screwdriver handle, Adam is floored by the generosity of some viewers who mailed in Stanley Workmaster drivers from their workshops to help Adam fill out his set.

Adam's One Day Repairs: Broken Pot Lid!

Hang out with Adam as he spends this morning repairing the pot lid for his favorite rice cooker.

Adam's One Day Builds: 2001 Spacesuit Helmet Repair!

Even years after Adam has "completed" a cosplay or worn it at a convention, he from time to time returns to his costumes to further upgrade or refurbish them with new materials or updated reference. That's the case with the helmet for his 2001: A Space Odyssey spacesuit.