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Ask Adam: Has Celebrity Changed Adam's Con Experience?

In this excerpt from a recent live stream, Adam answers questions from Sean Vedell, Joelle Brooke, Joe Niedbala and James Dutrow on everything from comic-con conventions to what book Adam's reading to properly measuring and designing with allowances in mind.

How the Original MythBusters Series Would Be Different Today

Tested member Adam Joseph asked Adam Savage, "If MythBusters started tomorrow and followed the same episode plan, how do you think it would be different given 15+ years of technology advancements?"

Ask Adam: My Past in Theatre

Tested member Kenneth Stark asks, "Could you tell us about some of your favorite theatre shows or elements you have worked on?"

Adam's Mini Excalibur Sword!

Adam unboxes a mailbag gift from viewer Bill Burns--a commissioned recreation of Adam's excalibur sword and scabbard, but made at miniature scale!

More Weird and Wonderful Vintage Analog Clocks!

Sean's back to share more from his collection of vintage mechanical clocks! This selection of striking timepieces includes the "Remindotimer" with physical alarm switches for almost every minute of the day, and a guardman's watchclock with one of the most unique timekeeping mechanisms we've ever seen!