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    Meet the Maker: Noah Rasor

    Noah Rasor is a maker who may specialize in motorized creations (walking go karts, offroad couches, 40mph shopping carts just to name a few), but that didn't stop him from turning aluminum scrap into a part for Project Egress!

    Read on to learn more about Noah and to watch a video about his build.

    Week of Reflection - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 9/3/19
    After a particularly intense week, we regroup to talk about the ways in which we chilled and reset ourselves over the long labor day weekend. Norm recaps his trip to Galaxy's Edge, Will read The Fall, and Adam shared his favorite cosplay he saw posted from Dragon*Con. Plus, an appreciation for the puppetry in the new Dark Crystal show.
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    Meet the Maker: Bill Doran

    If you spend ANY time on, you know prop and costume maker Bill Doran very, very well. We actually did a search on our site and got SIX PAGES of results! He was one of the first people we called for Project Egress, and as always, he didn't disappoint.

    Read on to find out more about Bill's contribution to our command module hatch.

    Meet the Maker: Tom Lipton

    World-class machinist Tom Lipton was given the option to produce one of three different parts for Project Egress. His choice was a very personal one, connecting to a decision he made in 1987 that changed his future.

    Read on to learn why this project is so personal to Tom. (And yes, of course his part is fully functional. This is Tom Lipton, after all.)

    Meet the Maker: Ryan Nagata

    Unless you're new to Tested, you know Ryan Nagata VERY well. He is a master spacesuit replica maker and FOA ("friend of Adam") who has come by the shop to show us his VERY FIRST spacesuit replica and his replicas for the film First Man, among other things. We've been to his shop as well. And of course, you know one of Adam's most PRIZED possessions is the Apollo A7L spacesuit that Ryan made for him.

    Well, Ryan ALSO contributed to Project Egress by making the Apollo 11 hatch window, which was a thing of beauty. Read on.

    Meet the Maker: NYC CNC / Saunders Machine Works

    One thing we noticed during the live Project Egress build at the National Air and Space Museum were all the people in the audience asking a particular person to take a photo with them. That someone was John Saunders of NYC CNC/Saunders Machine Works, and we're guessing that you know him and his YouTube channel already. So we'll just say that he and his team were responsible for the INCREDIBLE and intricate gear box on the hatch replica, and then we'll let John take it from here. Read on!

    Meet the Maker: Navajo Tech

    Project Egress gave the high school students participating in Navajo Tech's engineering graphics course the opportunity to not only learn about 3D printing, collaboration AND Apollo 11, but earn college credit besides!

    Read on to learn more about Navajo Tech and its participation in Project Egress.

    Meet the Maker: Microsoft's Advanced Prototyping Center

    Well, before you can attach the parts, you need a hatch and a base. Luckily for Project Egress, Microsoft stepped up to the task of building the 65-pound hatch replica as well as the 140-pound steel display stand. And let us tell you, it was quite an engineering challenge, requiring a team of many ... several of whom attended the live build at the National Air and Space Museum. They MAY have been horrified to watch as Adam HAMMERED a stubborn part in. But we'll never tell.

    Adam Savage speaks at the Microsoft Outside In Speaker Series on May 16, 2019. (Photography by Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures)

    Continue reading for more on Microsoft's Advanced Prototyping Center and their contribution to Project Egress.

    Meet the Maker: Fran Blanche

    Self-taught electronic engineer, artist, musician, mechanical engineer, woodworker, and YouTuber Fran Blanche had never put in so many hours over so few days to complete a single project ... before Project Egress.

    Read on to learn more about Fran as well as to watch her video from the live build.

    What Is Project Egress?

    In 1967, during a routine countdown simulation on the Apollo 1 spacecraft, an electrical fire erupted inside the cabin. Under ideal conditions, the three-part hatch could be opened inwards within 60 to 90 seconds, but the fire spread quickly within the pure oxygen environment, and the atmospheric pressure difference was too great. The astronauts -- Gus Grissom, Edward H. White II and Roger B. Chaffee --were unable to exit in time.

    Following the Apollo 1 tragedy, engineers were tasked with designing a new hatch that could be opened in three seconds and allow the crew to egress in under half a minute.


    The new hatch design integrated the three layers into one, and equipped the perimeter of the door with 15 latches, actuated by five strokes of a ratcheting handle. It also included a plunger mechanism, a gas powered piston to push the hatch open and attenuate travel, a manually operated pressure dump valve, and a screw jack attachment for emergency closure.

    This impressive feat of engineering was unprecedented. It is estimated around 150 new tools were designed and built just to work on it. One account refers to the unified hatch as "the most carefully engineered and manufactured door ever built."

    Meet the Maker: Andrew Barth

    Where to start when talking about Andrew Barth, "mission engineer" of Project Egress? Well, we'll start here: This engineering student is nothing short of extraordinary. Drawing from 3D scan data and original technical drawings from Air and Space's archives, Andrew modeled the various intricate mechanics of the Apollo 11 Command Module hatch using Fusion 360. Then he separated the digital model into its individual mechanical components for our collaborating makers to replicate.

    Andrew was absolutely key to the making of this replica. Read on to get to know Andrew better.

    Meet the Maker: Jen Schachter

    Many of you already know Jen Schachter from her frequent collaborations with Adam Savage here on Tested. In the case of Project Egress, Jen was Mission Control, and honestly, this couldn't have happened without her. In part, her duties included recruiting and coordinating more than 40 makers in the making of the Apollo 11 escape hatch replica ... which was assembled in front of a live audience at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. (Imagine just thinking through all the tools and supplies you'd need to haul out from San Francisco!)

    Read on for more about Jen, her sketches of the replica, and her thoughts on the project overall.

    Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Project Egress Apollo Hatch!

    To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Adam Savage and the Smithsonian Institution collaborated on Project Egress, a plan to create a LIFE-SIZE replica of the Apollo 11 command module hatch! The build entailed hours of planning, scanning and organizing the 40-plus artists who would contribute parts, and it all culminated on July 18, 2019, when Adam and a team of makers assembled the hatch LIVE at the National Air and Space Museum!

    Adam Savage's Gorgeous Great Wall Armor!

    The latest armor in Adam's costume collection comes from the 2016 fantasy epic The Great Wall! Director Zhang Yimou's ambitious action film featured striking armor designs for its color-coded regiments, and Adam dons the golden armor of the Tiger Corps. This and over 180 other suits of armor and now up for auction for collectors and cosplayers! Find more of this armor and other film props at the Great Wall auction here!

    Adam Savage Examines the Mother Ship Model from Close Encounters of the Third Kind!

    While Adam Savage was visiting the National Air and Space Museum's Udvar-Hazy Center, this familiar object caught his eye. Made by many of his old friends at Industrial Light and Magic, the Mother Ship from Close Encounters hosts a number of in-jokes, including an R2-D2 and a U.S. mailbox. See why Adam calls this model one of the "masterpieces of practical special effects."

    Adam Savage's New Leatherworking Box!

    Adam shares his latest shop upgrade and build: a leatherworking station and storage box for all his leather-related tools! This beautiful wooden box was made in the process of working on his Star-Lord costume belt, and replaces a previous acrylic toolbox. Adam guides us through this toolbox's form factor and its influences.

    Incredible Man-Spider Cosplay at Silicon Valley Comic Con

    We meet up with cosplayers Mike and Shelly (who last year made an awesome Totoro costume) and check out their new Man-Spider cosplay! Mike and Shelly walk us through their sculpt and build of this striking cosplay, one of our absolute favorites from Silicon Valley Comic Con.