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    Institutional Knowledge - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 6/16/20
    Adam talks about a recent shop incident getting a metal shaving stuck in his eye, and the close calls he's had in the past concerning eye injuries. We also talk about the institutional knowledge that isn't retained and the cases in history where it's come back to haunt us. Plus, a renewed interest in recording unauthorized commentaries, and anticipation for Adam's participation in Sci-Fi's Great Debate show!
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    Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Essential Shop Rags!

    Adam's latest tool tip is short and sweet: his pick for reusable shop rags to use around the cave for cleaning, applying paint washes, and wiping off your hands. Adam goes through the various kinds of rag materials and the benefits of each (as well as the ones to avoid) and shares his pick for most reliable shop rags that actually come from the medical field! Find surgical towels here.

    Adam Savage's Favorite High-Power LED Flashlight!

    For today's Show and Tell, Adam brings out an incredible LED flashlight that was gifted to him years ago by some friends at Google. This ridiculous flashlight combines four high power LEDs with custom reflectors for a combined 3000 lumens of brightness that can easily light up an entire room. And Adam's favorite part about it may be its development codename: the Firesword. Now you know why Adam had to build a lithium-ion battery gang charger!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Mini Machine Vise!

    Adam recently learned the joys of machining scrap cast iron, and embarked on the challenging of repurposing a chunk found in the cave into a mini machine vise! It's a weekend build that he documented through timelapse and silent footage, so Adam reflects on that relaxing and satisfying work in narrated commentary. This mini machine vise ends up being an essential component of a more ambitious project that you'll see soon in a future One Day Build!

    3D-Printed VR Blaster Grip and Adventure Lab Escape Room!

    We review two VR games that attempt to bring location-based experiences into the home. First is Adventure Lab, a unique cooperative multiplayer game that's part escape room and part immersive theater, played with a live performer hosting every session. We also test Tower Tag, a VR arcade game with a free 3D print file to turn the Oculus Touch controllers into the exact sci-fi blaster you see in headset!

    Show and Tell: Weathering a Transformers Blitzwing Figure!

    We spotlight the wonderfully detailed figures from toymaker ThreeZero, including their licensed lineup of Transformers posable die-cast characters. Check out the meticulous engineering and paint finish of these collectibles, and Norm shows how he applies oil paint to add an extra layer of weathering and grime to the Blitzwing DLX figure. Don't be afraid of painting your toys!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Rhombic Dodecahedron with Matt Parker!

    In this special One Day Build filmed earlier this year, mathematician Matt Parker (StandUpMaths) visits the cave to build a rhombic dodecahedron with Adam! Be prepared for lots of fun geometry discussion as Adam and Matt try to make abstract math concepts tangible with a physical build. They also take this construction a few steps further by lining the inside of the polyhedron with mirrors and LED strips for an infinty mirrored effect!

    Worn Down from Lockdown - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 6/9/20
    We talk about the response to last week's episode and reflect on the events of the past week. Adam talks about participating in a San Francisco protest, feeling the effects of the lockdown three months in, and what he's making in the shop to cope. Plus, we talk about some recent media distractions, including two Mamet films, the Bruce Lee documentary, and movie sound design. Find out about the workbench Andrew Klein is making for Adam here:
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    Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Awesome Circle Drawing Tools!

    Adam guides us through his collection of circle drawing tools, from a reliable machinist protractor to golden mean calipers for satisfying drafting and design. Adam also gushes over the design of Maker Cabinet's Iris compass, made of beautifully machined brass. With all of these drafting tools, he's also using one of his favorite pencils: the venerated Blackwing 602!

    Adam Savage's Airplane Cockpit Prop for MythBusters!

    Adam shares one of the many props he loved building for MythBusters--a speed build of an airplane cockpit that exemplifies the joy of a quick and dirty build. It comes from the episode where Adam and Jamie tested the different plane boarding strategies to find the most efficient boarding process, which you can watch here. Special appearance from Adam's dog Maggie!

    Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Extended Grabber Micro Forceps!

    Adam goes through the wide range of different pliers and grabbing tools he has in his shop, and their different use cases. From his favorite vise-grip locking pliers (which make an awesome sound) to more esoteric grabbers like a fish hook extractor, they've proved to be essential for a wide range of projects. But his favorite is a pair of steel extended grabbers called micro alligator forceps used by surgeons. Their gripping pressure is incredibly strong and allow for precise grabbing or manipulation of modelmaking parts!

    Making a Cutting Mat Riser and Lighting Platform!

    This laser-cut riser for desktop cutting mats is inspired by Adam's Die Filer platform that he made in a recent One Day Build. Norm talks through his design process for making this tray for small modelmaking projects, which can also be used as a custom jigsaw puzzle platform or LED-lit soft box for displaying and photographing tabletop figures. Download the vector file to make your own!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Workshop Office Door!

    Adam gives a tour of his personal office inside his workshop in this One Day Build project to build a custom window into his office door. It's a shop improvement project that breathes new life into this aged door that's had all manner of stuff nailed to it over the years. It's also a chance for Adam to test a new tool he's never used before: an oscillating multitool!

    Inside Adam Savage's Cave: Magnolia Frog Props!

    Adam shares his collection of frog props that are the same castings as the ones used in the movie Magnolia! They're made of an especially soft rubber that gives them an uncanney movement that looked great on film. Just another lovely piece of movie-making history!

    Episode 553 - Six Hour Director's Cut - 5/28/20
    We're back to the standard segment order in this week's episode, where we talk about the SpaceX crewed Dragon launch (recorded before the mission was rescheduled), HBO Max's launch and plans for Zack Snyder's Justice League cut, and HP's new VR headset unveiled at the Augmented World Expo! Plus, in our new interview segment Living with Covid, Kishore interviews Ian Haydon, a volunteer who took part in the recent clinical trial of Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine candidate.
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    Tested From Home: Jeremy's PinSim Mini Virtual Pinball Controller!

    Jeremy checks in from home to show what projects he's been working on during lockdown, including repairing an RC car, large LEGO build, and upgrading the code on his Game Frame LED display. We also dive into Jeremy's Pinball obsession, with a quick look at his Pinball machine collection, wall-mounted playfield, and laser-cut PinSim virtual pinball controller design that you can make at home! Two of these controllers are up for auction with all the proceeds going to charity!