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    Adam Savage's Spacesuit Sketch Poster!

    Adam reveals this year's thank you gift for the Tested Premium member community! It's your support that directly allows us to make our build videos and share the stories of makers. The posters are shipping in early November, and anyone who signs up now or has signed up since May 31st will get one! Get yours here!

    Adam Woodworth’s RC X-Wing Fighter

    I'm sure that most of you have already seen some of Adam Woodworth's Star Wars-inspired handiwork. Maybe it was the video of his RC Snowspeeder taking down an inflatable AT-AT. Or perhaps you caught Norm's interview with Adam about his drifting Landspeeder at Maker Faire. There are many other incredible examples as well.

    I was able to tag up with Adam at the recent NEAT Fair in Downsville, NY. He brought several of the unique and wacky RC flying creations that he is known for (not all are Star Wars-related). The model that seemed to garner the most attention was his X-wing fighter.

    Adam Woodworth carries his RC X-wing fighter following an aerobatic demonstration at the NEAT Fair.

    Of course, the foam spaceship looks great. But Adam also logged several impressive demonstration flights that showcased his design's insane aerobatic chops.

    Metal Gear Cosplay at New York Comic Con!

    Adam is in awe of this hand-made Metal Gear Online cosplay by Ruby Taki, an incredibly talented cosplayer and huge Metal Gear fan. Ruby shows Adam how she scratch built the headpiece and rocket launcher prop for her costume, which was done without the use of any machine tools.

    Discovering Designer Toys at New York Comic Con

    Where do we get all our wonderful toys? It's at places like New York Comic Con, where we meet up with retailers and collectors who scour the internet to curate new discoveries from emerging toy artists. Benny Kline of Tenacious Toys walks us through some of his favorite new art toys this year, and explains how artists get their break to stand out among collectors.

    Modeling a Judge Dredd Helmet for 3D Printing!

    This week, Darrell walks us through his process for 3D modeling a helmet replica using photo reference. We've shown how he preps models for 3D printing, but much of the work happens on the computer screen. Follow along as Darrell explains how he approaches creating digital forms to exacting detail.

    Incredible 'Steam Siege' Custom Gundam Diorama!

    As Gunpla hobbyists, we were honored to meet ED, a veteren Gundam builder who brought a few of his builds and dioramas to New York Comic Con. We take a look at his Steam Siege action scene, a scratch build seven months in the making. ED also gives us a few tips for getting the most out of your Gundam kits.

    Self Criticism - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 10/23/18
    This week, Adam gives a little insight into the planning process of making a show and reflects on a frustrating hitch in a recent One Day Build video shoot. We talk about why being self critical is a good thing, and the feeling of imposter syndrome. Will tells us about an awesome Star Wars-inspired concert he attended, and we talk a little about Halloween plans. It's that time of the year already!
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    The Martian Spacesuit Project Lives!

    It's finally time to resume work on The Martian spacesuit costume build! In the two years since we last checked in on the project, Frank Ippolito has moved into a new shop and has been chipping away on 3D printing crucial parts to the costume. Adam spends the day at Frank's shop to survey the pieces and start work on the helmet! (Thanks to Frank and his team for keeping this project alive in the midst of their busy shop schedule! Check out more of Thingergy's projects here.)

    The Makers of the Harry Potter Pop-Up Book

    The art and design of pop-up books fascinate us, so we were delighted to chat with Kevin Wilson and Matt Reinhart, the illustrator and engineer behind the new Harry Potter pop-up book. Kevin and Matt open up the book to show us how they collaborated on its paper craft.

    The Pop and Poster Art of Tom Whalen

    We meet graphic artist Tom Whalen, who has designed some of our favorite pop art posters at places like Mondo and Gallery 1988. Tom talks to us about his design process and how he takes advantage of screenprinting to give his posters a distinct look.

    Adam Savage Meets the Spacesuits from First Man!

    Spacesuit replica maker Ryan Nagata brings to the cave several of his spacesuits and spacesuit parts he made for the movie First Man! Adam and Ryan talk about his build of the X15 suit seen in the film, the technical accuracy achieved by the costume department, and what he learned from making pieces to be filmed for camera.

    Hobby RC: Upgrading a Third Hand Tool

    I'm sure that most of us have some variation of a Third Hand (aka Helping Hand) in our workshop. If you're not familiar with this particular tool, it's basically a pair of alligator clips that are attached to articulating arms with a weighted base. The mechanical "hands" will securely hold whatever small widget you're working on, while leaving your actuals hands free to do the work. The utility of these simple tools for outweighs their meager cost (usually $5-$10).

    I have several Third Hands that I employ for a variety of tasks. The one I use most often is at my soldering station. I use it to hold wires, connectors, circuit boards, motors, or whatever else I need to solder. While I love this tool, I do have to concede that it has limitations. You can certainly buy nicer and more elaborate Third Hand tools. But there is often a significant bump in price for the upgrade. Second-tier units typically sell in the $30-$50 range.

    There's nothing wrong with spending $50 on a high-quality tool that fits your needs. The problem was that I didn't see any off-the-shelf models that had everything I wanted for soldering tasks. So I decided to try upgrading my base model Third Hand. This was actually my second round of modifying the Third Hand I use for soldering. I previously adapted an aluminum heatsink that makes it easier to solder battery connectors.

    Offworld Episode 12: Alien Covenant

    Could we engineer new life forms for space travel? Ariel is joined by chemical biologist Dr. Jun Axup and Dr. Lynn Rothschild of NASA to discuss the idea of genetic engineering as portrayed in the film Alien: Covenant. How does real-world gene editing technology like CRISPR relate to the ideas portrayed in science fiction?

    XM Studios' Samurai Batman Statue!

    XM Studios' take on the DC universe caught our eyes at this year's New York Comic Con, and we check out their statues that put a samurai spin on Batman and rogues gallery. Here's how this collectibles company was able to design figures that put a stylistic twist into the characters we know from the comics.

    Sideshow Collectibles' Aliens and Predators at New York Comic Con!

    We've featured Sideshow Collectibles' beautiful superhero statues before, and at New York Comic Con, we took a closer look at some of their creature work. Andy from Sideshow walks us through their new Alien and Predator sculpts, which were a collaboration with the original artists who built the creature suits for the films!