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    Adam Savage's Dream Diary Sculpture

    Adam shares the story of one of his favorite sculptures from his past: The Somnambulist's Travel Kit. It contains an artificially aged book that Adam used to chronicle his dreams for months, along with other artifacts that would live alongside that tome. And as Adam explains, it took an accidental discovery for this sculpture to reach its potential as a piece of art.

    Making the Custom Microphones for Hamilton!

    We continue our tour backstage at the San Francisco touring production of Hamilton with a visit to the audio room, where assistant audio engineer Adrianna Brannon gives Adam an overview of what it takes to build, maintain, and manage the dozens of microphones used in the show. Adam also gets to check out King George's crown! Thanks to the team at Hamilton SF for being so welcoming during our visit!

    Adam Savage's Nailer and Stapler Storage Rack

    In this tale from the cave, Adam recaps a recent weekend build he couldn't resist making: a storage rack for his collection of favorite staplers and nailers. From his trusty T50 staple gun to pneumatic staplers that he's been favoring lately, these shelves needed to hold nailers of all sizes. And that's where Adam ran into an unexpected problem. Let's hear him tell the story!

    Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Chicago Screws

    For cosplayers, trading tips and tricks are the bread and butter of the community. One of the best secret weapons for cosplayers are called Chicago screws. They’re also known as paper rivets, binding screws, or binding posts. They come in an endless variety of finishes, depths, and materials. They’re fabulous for attaching armor sections together that can move without nuts and bolts sticking out and scratching you or other parts of your costume!

    Adam Savage Reveals What's Left of the Original Buster!

    Adam shows off something special from his collection: four pieces of the very first Buster used in Mythbusters. Here's the story of how Adam found that first crash test dummy to test on the show, how it was destroyed, and where the pieces ended up over the years.

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Poker Table!

    Adam has previously shown his replica poker chips set from the movie Rounders, and now he needs a proper poker table as well. This One Day Build is just that: a custom poker table that fits atop the circular podcast table in the cave! Making this 47-inch diameter table has Adam bringing out a bunch of power tools in the shop, cutting the wood in interesting ways to get this distinct form.

    Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Jewelry Clamps

    Over the years, Adam has learned to look to other industries to see if the tools, tips, and processes used by other experts could apply to his workflow. It's how he discovered emery boards work great as modelmaking sanding sticks, and where he found jewelry clamps to hold onto small and irregular-shaped objects. Good clampage is something every maker should have in their shop!

    Adam Savage's Custom Captain America Cosplay Storage Case!

    When Adam gets a new costume, he imagines how that character would store and travel with it in-universe. For his new Captain America suit, that question found its answer in a modified aluminum travel case that Adam found and customized. And he couldn't be more thrilled with how it ended up!

    Adam Savage Goes Backstage at Hamilton!

    At the San Francisco production of Hamilton, Adam Savage goes backstage with cast member Rick Negron (King George), visiting the wig and makeup room and learning what it takes to put on this amazing show every night. Find tickets for Hamilton in San Francisco here.

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Dinosaur Skull Lamp!

    One of Adam's favorite objects in the cave is his life-size T-Rex skull, which hangs above the shop's pool table. He's long wanted to hide a fitted lamp inside that skull, which is today's One Day Build! This project falls into the category of quick and dirty builds that allows Adam to work fast and cut a few corners to get the results he wants as efficiently as possible!

    Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Labelmaker

    You know those little square black power transformers that come with nearly every new electronic you get? We call them “Wall Warts”. The problem is that they often don’t have written down on them which device it charges. That's why every single new adapter that comes into Adam's house gets a small label made for it, describing exactly what electronic thing it belongs to. These label makers can make very small labels (Adam puts his name on all camera equipment in unobtrusive spots) or larger and colorful labels depending on the make and model you want to invest in.

    An Announcement Regarding Tested Premium Membership!

    Tested Premium Membership as you know it is changing. But we're excited to offer more of what you've been asking for— including some interactive experiences.

    From now on, you will not be able to make subscription transactions or update your payment method on our current system. But don't worry, if you've already signed up and paid, you will still receive your subscriber benefits for the year-long term.

    Ask Adam: Have You Used Your Tattoo Yet?

    In this Ask Adam, Adam answers McCauley Photography's question about his arm tattoo (which is a ruler, if you haven't noticed it). You can ask your own question in the comments section below or on social media (tagged #AskAdamSavage)!

    Adam Savage Tours The Expanse's Practical Effects Shop!

    In Toronto, Adam Savage tours Tim Barraball's shop Acme FX, where many of the practical effects for The Expanse are produced. From electronics to metal-working to pyrotechnics to even RAIN and SNOW, Tim and his team do it all, and Adam is in heaven seeing what tools and materials they use to achieve their amazing special effects!

    Inside Adam Savage's Cave: Model Shop Archive Props!

    Adam brings out a few pieces from his prop archive, including set pieces and test casting from his days working at the ILM model shop. Each piece has its own story about how Adam fabricated it or how it ended up in his collection--little pieces of practical effects history.