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    Incredible Man-Spider Cosplay at Silicon Valley Comic Con

    We meet up with cosplayers Mike and Shelly (who last year made an awesome Totoro costume) and check out their new Man-Spider cosplay! Mike and Shelly walk us through their sculpt and build of this striking cosplay, one of our absolute favorites from Silicon Valley Comic Con.

    Adam Savage Incognito as Star-Lord at Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019!

    Adam dances through the floor of this year's Silicon Valley Comic Con as Star-Lord! From the boots to the blasters, there's a story about the origins of each piece that makes up this awesome cosplay. And staying incognito among the crowd proved challenging! Stay tuned for build videos about the making of this costume!

    Offworld: Asteroid Exploration and Mining
    Asteroids have been the subject of numerous science fiction stories, in both destructive and constructive depictions. Joining Ariel to set the record straight on asteroids are Michael Busch of SETI and planetary astronomer Sondy Springmann. They discuss the form and composition of asteroids, the state of asteroid mining, and why there are so many misconceptions about asteroids in pop culture.
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    Tested: Deploying Ocean Sensors from a Plane!

    We tag along with the engineers at Sofar Ocean Technologies to watch a test of their Spotter Buoy--an ocean sensor that collects data about the weather anywhere it's deployed. The idea is to put enough of these sensors around the world to gather marine data on an unprecedented scale. Today's test: deploying these from an airplane!

    Inside Adam Savage's Cave: Ryan Nagata's First Spacesuit!

    While visiting Adam's cave to collaborate on a project, spacesuit replica builder Ryan Nagata brought a blast from the past: the very first spacesuit he made when he was 14 years old. Adam and Ryan pore over the details of this suit, which includes snoopy cap, gloves, and helmet. It's a testament to Ryan's obsession, ingenuity, and attention to detail, all qualities which have carried trhough to his newest spacesuits.

    Adam Savage Builds a Hero's Engine Sweet Cream Pourer!

    Adam decided to make an aeolipile -- or Hero's engine -- powered by liquid nitrogen as part of a video for Starbucks. The idea was that the engine would drive a pulley system that would pour sweet cream into Adam's glass of Nitro Cold Brew. His build, however, was not without complication. Here's how it turned out. (This video is sponsored by Starbucks. Order Nitro Cold Brew here)

    Off the Rails - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 8/6/19
    We jump through a wide-range of topics this week, including favorite movie analysis videos, deaging effects, and the details on the North Bergen High School drama class Alien spacesuit. Plus, Will recommends the glass blowing competition show Blown Away and we talk about what kinds of competition shows we like. Next weekend we'll be at Silicon Valley Comic Con!
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    Marvel's Daredevil Costumes and Props!

    We get up close with the memorable costumes and props for Marvel's Netflix television shows. From Daredevil's many cowls to the design of the Iron Fist mask, we love the amount of detail the production put into these pieces. This is a rare chance to see these costumes all in once place as Prop Store prepares their upcoming Marvel Television Live Auction.

    Adam Savage Wears the North Bergen High School Alien Play Spacesuit!

    Adam unveils the newest spacesuit being added to his collection: the Dallas spacesuit made for the North Bergen High School stage production of Alien! Adam could not be more thrilled to unbox this costume, getting a close look at the ingenuity and creativity in materials and build techniques used to make this recreation. And yes, he puts the spacesuit on!

    Designing the Stranger Things Season 3 Biohazard Suit!

    We stop by Frank Ippolito's shop, where he and his company Thingergy actually designed and fabricated the costumes for the Russian biohazard suits for Stranger Things! Frank walks us through his design process and collaboration with the show's costume designer, and how his team experimented with fabrics, foam prototypes, and paint applications to give these suits their distinctive look!

    Airplane Laser Tag - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 7/30/19
    Joining us today are Jeremy and special guest Zach Radding, who were responsible for the custom electronics that made the laser tag dogfighting with World War I-era airplanes possible. We chat with them about the problem-solving and testing required to get their laser and sensor systems working, and Adam talks about what it was like filming that episode of Savage Builds!
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    Help Peter Jackson Solve a WWI Mystery!

    While Adam was in New Zealand filming the laser-tag dogfight episode of Savage Builds, Peter Jackson tells him of a discovery his team made while restoring a World War 1-era airplane. Hidden in plane wings that were made a hundred years ago was a drawn portrait of an unnamed pilot. We need your help uncovering who this pilot was!

    Magic Wheelchair at Comic-Con 2019

    We meet up with some of the team at Magic Wheelchair to see their new Batmobile build unveiled at Comic-Con 2019, hear about the process of designing and building a Magic Wheelchair, and help spread the word about their awesome mission. Learn more about Magic Wheelchair and how you can help out at

    KorbenFX's USS Orville Ship Model Replica

    The modelmakers at KorbenFX have a long history of making fantastic replicas of some of our favorite science fiction ships, and their newest model is a 3-ft long replica of the USS Orville! Designed with reference from both the digital model and filming miniature, this ship has great surface detail, lighting effects, and even a shuttle bay!

    Chatting Designer Toys with DesignerCon's Founder!

    We meet up with Ben Goretsky, owner of 3D Retro and the founder of DesignerCon to talk about the culture of designer toys, discovering overseas artists, and what we're excited for at this year's upcoming DesignerCon! Plus, we take a look at a few exclusive pieces on display at the 3D Retro booth.

    Mondo Collectibles at Comic-Con 2019

    Mondo's known for their movie posters, but their expanding line of collectibles and figures are ramping up as well. We chat with the company's creative director of collectibles to learn what makes their approach stand out from other companies, and how their artists come up with unique takes on our favorite characters.

    Weta Workshop Booth Tour at Comic-Con 2019

    The talented artists at Weta Workshop filled their Comic-Con booth this year with a great collection of props, costumes, and collectibles from the numerous projects they've worked on. We chat with Richard Taylor and Greg Broadmore about some of the film pieces, new collectibles, and their Dr. Grordbort's Invaders Magic Leap game!

    Star Wars Creature Busts and Replicas from Regal Robot

    It's always a delight to catch up with effects artist and prop restoration master Tom Spina and his team at Regal Robot. We take a look at some of Regal Robot's newest Star Wars pieces unveiled at Comic-Con and chat with Tom about the process of recreating some of Star Wars' most beloved characters and creatures.