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    Tested: VR Simulator Cockpit Rig Build!

    In anticipation of Star Wars: Squadrons, Norm puts together and tests a flight simulator cockpit kit from Next Level Racing. Made for driving and flight sims, this racing seat works with the Buttkicker bass shaker, our favorite HOTAS and racing wheel, and can be assembled in under two hours. Here's how a sim rig increases the immersion for VR cockpit sims, and we highly recommend it for VR games like Elite Dangerous, Project Cars 3, and Vox Machinae!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Car Seat Dog Bed!

    For an upcoming road trip, Adam will be joined by his dog Maggie, who is a delightful travel companion. To help her better enjoy the long drive, Adam makes a custom fitted dog bed platform that fits over the folded seat of his car! It's a build that begins with cardboard prototyping and transforms sheets of plywood into a beautifully bolstered doggie bed!

    Beverly Downen - The Adam Savage Project - 9/22/20
    We're joined by the costumer and cosplayer Beverly Downen this week to talk about how cosplayers like her have adapted to shift to virtual conventions this year, staying motivated, and revisiting some of her past projects. We also discuss the collaboration between cosplayer and photographer, and the joy of sharing fabrication processes and techniques.
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    Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Trammel Points and Rotape Beam Compass!

    Adam's shown some tools for drawing small circles on work materials, but what if you need to draw a very large circle? Here are two tools to help with that: a set of trammel points that you can clamp onto any length of wood, and a novel device called a Rotape that combines an adjustable tape measure with a drawing compass! Adam demonstrates how to use each of these, and now you too can draw large circles!

    Adam Savage's ILM Modelshop Greeblie!

    Adam shares a memento from his ILM modelshop days: a cast piece of a complex kitbashed greeblie he made for Star Wars Attack of the Clones! We hear about how Adam made this piece, what set piece it was used for, and its versatility in providing surface detail for a variety of miniature scales.

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Planer and Spindle Sander Station!

    Adam's workshop organization project today involves creating a perfectly-fitted storage platform for his wood planer and orbital spindle sander. These are tools that are used infrequently in the shop, but still need to be easily accessed and stored--and Adam found the perfect place for them under his table saw. Additionally, Adam modifies his planer to work with his shop's dust collector by making a magnetically attached hose adapter!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: New Sewing Machine Station!

    Adam welcomes a new sewing machine into his workshop--a powerful Sailrite LSZ-1--by building out a custom table setup for it to include organizational drawers and rolling casters. It's an upgrade based on the workflow Adam developed for his previous sewing station, and Adam breaks in the new machine by making a heavy duty canvas dust cover for it!

    Evan Narcisse - The Adam Savage Project - 9/15/20
    We're joined by writer Evan Narcisse to talk about how he went from being a journalist and critic to writing his favorite characters in comic books, animation series, and video games. Evan talks about how a bike accident this summer has given him new perspective in his writing, and the places in current events where he finds inspiration. Thanks so much to Evan for joining us this week and follow his work at:
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    Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Socket Driver Adapters!

    Adam shows off two sets of tools that helps him fast: a hex shank adapter that connects his drill/driver to any socket in your standard socket set, and hex drivers that fit any imiperial or metric hex bolts. Combined with any standard driver/drill, these are essential for tasks like putting together flat packed furniture!

    Adam Savage's Very First Lightsaber Prop Replica!

    In his journey recreating his favorite film props, Adam has made many lightsabers. But this machined replica of Luke's lightsaber was Adam's first foray into prop replication using reference photos he took of the original. He made this in Jamie's shop over 25 years ago after seeing the prop in a touring Star Wars exhibition. And even though it is far from a perfect replica, it holds up as capturing the essence of the prop and the gratifying experience of making the prop his own.

    Inside Adam Savage's Cave: Spilled Sortimo Storage Box Sorting!

    Adam has long kept his workshop hardware organized and stored in his favorite Sortimo storage boxes, and we've always wondered what would happen if one of these cases falls off the rack and spills. It finally happened, and Adam recruits a surprise guest to help him sort the many hundreds of machine bolts and get them back in the case, a project that ends up taking many weeks!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Thread Tapping Guide Block!

    Adam shows you how to make a tapping guide block to help make perfectly aligned screw and bolt threads reliably and with ease. It's a handy accompaniment to the tap set you may have in your own shops, and something that may save you from breaking taps or bolts in the future. Adam dives into the ins and outs of thread tapping, common pitfalls, and his favorite tips and techniques for using these essential tools!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Brass Watering Can!

    For his wife's birthday, Adam makes from scratch a brass watering can for tending to their succulent garden! It's going to involve a wide range of brass working techniques to piece it together from raw sheets and tubes, from the engineering of the form to the machining and soldering of parts together to make it actually functional. And by the end, it becomes a beautiful bespoke gardening tool!

    Bantam Tools Desktop CNC Milling Machine Review!

    We test and review the new Bantam Tools Desktop CNC, a powerful three-axis milling machine for precision carving of aluminum, wood, and other hard materials. Jen walks us through her experience using the CNC as a stepping stone from 3D printing and laser cutting, navigating the CAM workflow with Bantam Tools' user-friendly software. Here's how this machine can fit into maker spaces and home workshops to level up a maker's digital fabrication skillset.

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Upgrading Captain America Shield!

    Adam makes an aesthetic upgrade to his Captain America Winter Soldier shield replica, which involves an aluminum cutting technique he learned in his early BattleBots fabrication days! Follow along as Adam uses a router and template to carve a large ring of aluminum--a quick and efficient solution to a large piece of metal cutting!

    Thank You Tested Premium Members

    Hey everyone, Norm here. In case you haven't seen it, we resumed our podcast this week (with a new name and format!) and announced on the show that we just launched Channel Memberships on the Tested YouTube channel. It's a new way for viewers to directly support the Tested production team and help us continue the pace of videos we've been producing these past six months. Adapting to the remote working conditions of lockdown, and with Adam spending more time in the cave, we've released almost 40 build videos between March and September! And while it's taken a lot of effort adjusting to this schedule, we've been thrilled at the response and it's made us want to continue with more (and more ambitious) builds, even when things return to some semblance of the before times.

    We've also taken this time to reevaluate our Tested Premium Membership program, which is how so many of you directly showed your support for us over these past years and allowed us to experiment with video series like Adam's King Arthur Armor Build and spending a week making a short film at Weta Workshop. We loved making those series, but the realities of filming in a COVID world make that kind of production nearly impossible for our team, and to be honest we never figured out a great solution for allowing you to watch those videos hosted on the website.

    And as a result, we're replacing the Tested Premium Membership with YouTube Channel Memberships. It's why we stopped offering new site memberships and renewals earlier this year. If you're currently still a Premium Member, there will be some new premium content on the site for the rest of the year, and Premium Members should also have received this year's Gauntlet poster. Please reach out if you haven't yet.

    I also want to personally thank you for being part of this Premium Member community over the years. It has helped us stay in operation, and I have really enjoyed meeting many of you at events and conventions (and hope to say hi when we're able to travel again!) Going forward, we hope that you'll consider signing up for a YouTube Channel Membership to continue to support us.

    We're Back - The Adam Savage Project - 9/1/20
    After a summer break, we're back with new episodes of the podcast! Adam and Norm discuss the changes we're making to the show, including finally giving it a title: The Adam Savage Project. We'll be joined by a guest each week to talk about their creative inspirations, and share our own journeys in making during these past months in lockdown. Plus, we announce Tested Channel Memberships and explain how you can help us continue to make build videos! Thanks so much to Will for being a great co-host with us for the past eight years, and please check out his Tech Pod podcast here:
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