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One Day Builds

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Velociraptor Costume, Part 3!

It's the final two days before Adam makes his drive to Animax Designs in Nashville with his velociraptor costume in tow, and there are some final components to build before it's ready for transport. First is the eye mechanism that goes inside the raptor's 3D-printed head that will allow Adam to control its blinking, which is no easy mechanical feat. And then there's the carving of the feet themselves that will be puppeted directly by Adam's own walking motions. We can see the dino almost snapping to life!

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Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Micrometer Gauge Box Set!

To aid in his machining projects, Adam recently picked up a full set of micrometer screw gauges--precision calibrated tools for measuring his machined parts and components. Today's One Day Build is a deep dive into how measurement affects machining processes and the ways to achieve ultra-precise measurement, and the customization of a beautiful wooden case to organize and hold all of these important gauges.

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Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Velociraptor Costume, Part 2!

Adam's velociraptor costume starts to take form as he builds out the external frame and structure of the main torso. It's the week leading up to his trip cross-country to Animax Designs, and Adam scrambles to problem solve the balance of structure and weight for this costume. Thankfully, he has some experience building large character suits like his Totoro cosplay, and also finds a solution in a specialty textile called spacer mesh!

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Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Studio Ghibli Diorama!

Adam's latest build taps into his love for Studio Ghibli films, a bit of modelmaking, and in-camera practical effects as he constructs a stunning display inspired by one of his favorite Miyazaki films. It's a slow burn of a build as Adam gradually reveals his sketched out plans; the result is a mesmerizing combination of light and movement that is beautiful to behold!

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Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Life-Size Velociraptor Costume!

Adam embarks on one of his most ambitious builds yet: fulfilling his lifelong dream of a wearable life-size velociraptor costume! With the help of the amazing designers and builders at character shop Animax Designs, Adam begins his raptor costume build in the cave with some materials experimentation and figuring out the movement of the tail. Follow about this epic journey that will take Adam cross country in a build that spans an entire month!