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Meet the Maker: I Like to Make Stuff

One of the many things that I Like to Make Stuff has in common with Adam Savage is the willingness to make YouTube videos that show failure as well as success. (And, by the way, if you're curious how to make a foosball table using 3D printing, we have good news for you.)

This made them perfect partners for Project Egress. Find out more about I Like To Make Stuff and its contribution to our build.

Meet the Makers: MatterHackers

How awesome is MatterHackers' name? (Very awesome.) Well, so is their work. Founded by people with a serious passion for technology that helps others make things, MatterHackers really wants make the process of digital fabrication more accessible.

Learn more about MatterHackers and their contribution to Project Egress.

Meet the Maker: Ryan Priore

Ryan Priore decided to give his Project Egress part a metallic spin on traditional printing by fabricating his latch using a bronzefill PLA plastic. The result was a part that had the heft and appearance of a metal piece yet produced on a desktop Prusa MK3S 3D printer.

Scroll on to find out more about Ryan and to watch his Project Egress build video!

Meet the Maker: CSU Bakersfield Fab Lab

One takeaway from Project Egress -- we hope -- is that you makers are not alone, and also that there are resources out there for you. The CSU Bakersfield Fab Lab, for example, is a digital fabrication lab open to both students AND the public.

Continue on for this Fab Lab's awesome contribution to our build.

The Great Wall Armor Showcase and Giveaway!

Norm suits up in a set of black Bear Corps armor from The Great Wall to show the similarities and differences between the various Great Wall Nameless Order armors that are up for auction right now at Prop Store. Like Adam's Tiger Corps armor, this costume is comfortable to wear, is packed full of convincing sculptural detail, and is wonderfully painted and weathered. Perfect for wearing at the next convention!