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Peter Jackson and Christian Rivers on the Making of Mortal Engines!

Adam Savage sits down with director Christian Rivers and producer Peter Jackson to talk about the process of adapting the Mortal Engines book series into the upcoming film. It's a wide-ranging discussion about world building, telling cinematic stories, and the collaborative process of filmmaking at this scale. (This video is sponsored by Universal Pictures and Mortal Engines.)

Bits to Atoms: Starlords Arcade Cabinet, Part 6

It's all come to this. Jeremy and Sean bring the cabinet pieces to Other Ocean for final assembly and to test the software with a very first playthrough. Then, with just days to spare, they fix last minute bugs before unveiling Starlords at California Extreme. But we're not done yet! Stay tuned for one final episode to wrap up the Starlords project!

Custom Keyboard Spotlight: KeBo Arctos Switches

I make no secret of how much I like Zealio switches from Zeal PC, but many people in the keyboard community complain that Zeal's switches are too expensive. And admittedly, they do cost several times more than many other switch options. Naturally, there have been various new players trying to offer a refined tactile experience for less money. The latest is KeBo with its new Arctos switches. They look a bit like Zealios, but there are few interesting differences.

The Arctos switches use a standard Cherry-style housing like many newer switches including the Gateron-manufactured Zealios. They are also transparent like Zealios, allowing underlighting and SMD LEDs to shine up from underneath the switch. They support through-switch LEDs as well. The bottom of the housing doesn't have mounting pins, so Arctos switches are only suitable for plate-mount keyboards at this time.

Model Behavior: Assembling Bill's Replicant Blaster!

Bill brings to our office the culmination of a big project: a scratch-modeled interpretation of the Blade Runner blaster prop that he's turned into a kit. We assemble this Replicant Blaster kit to show how it all comes together with real hardware (no glue!) and mechanical action (those darn springs!) Follow along to celebrate Bill's incredible prop-building achievement!