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Lumecluster's New Armor Cosplay at New York Comic Con 2019!

Adam Savage meets up with the amazingly talented Melissa Ng (aka Lumecluster) at New York Comic Con to see the latest improvements to her wearable gothic-inspired fantasy armor. Melissa shows how she revamped her cosplay from last year to be more versatile and historically true to gothic armor design. Plus, watch as Melissa and her collaborator Megan Dellario quickly swap armor components to transform their cosplays!

XM-Studios' Impressive Superhero Statues

One of our favorite things about New York Comic Con is the different showing of statue and collectibles companies from other big pop culture conventions. XM Studios once again brought an impressive display of prototype superhero statues, including an 8-character battle diorama and new figures in their popular Samurai Batman line!

HTC Vive Cosmos VR Headset Review

We test and review the new HTC Cosmos, the replacement for the original HTC Vive virtual reality headset. The Cosmos is a big departure from HTC's previous desktop VR headsets, and we discuss its ergonomics, image quality, inside-out tracking fidelity, and new controllers. Here's how it compares to the Oculus Rift S and Valve Index!

PROJECTIONS: The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

We play through 30 minutes of the new virtual reality zombie shooter The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. Based on the comic book series, the game aims to be a deep VR adventure with a 15+ hour campaign and open world design. We chat with Skydance about how this zombie game differentiates itself and also makes use of a novel physics mechanic to give virtual objects weight.

Adam Savage Incognito as No-Face at New York Comic Con!

Adam's new No-Face costume has arrived at New York Comic Con and it's time for an incognito walk through the show floor! We tag along to see how the crowd reacts to this transformation of the iconic Spirited Away character, and the gasps do not disappoint. No-Face is hungry!

Adventures in New York - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 10/9/19
We're back from a weekend New York Comic Con and recap our adventures in the big city! From Adam's visit to a new armor exhibit at The Met to a surprise ride through central park, we had an incredible time both in and out of the convention. Plus, some behind the scenes stories about his latest incognito cosplay build!
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Shooting and Editing VR 180 Video with the Z Cam K1 Pro

We go behind-the-scenes of the production of our recently-released Tested VR series with a look at the shooting and editing workflow. Joey explains how we used the Z Cam K1 Pro to document the makers' workshops and builds, and how he processed and edited that video in Adobe Premiere. Making VR 180 video is an interesting production process!

Offworld: Ad Astra Review
We review the new science fiction space film Ad Astra! Ariel and Norm are joined by Dr. Douglas Vakoch, the President of METI (Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence) to discuss the film's portrayal of space travel through the solar system, astronaut psychology, and what commercial spaceflight could look like in the near future. Spoiler warning: we discuss many plot details about the film beyond what is shown in the trailers!
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Cyclops Warrior Makeup Demo!

We meet makeup artist Sidney Cumbie at Monsterpalooza, where he gives a makeup demo of a cyclops mask using off-the-shelf prosthetics from RBFX. This makeup shows how effective readymade prosthetics can be, especially when combined with a great costume. This warrior cyclops wears a familiar armor!