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PROJECTIONS: Hands-On with Magic Leap Multiplayer Grordbattle!

We go hands-on with Weta Gameshop's Grordbattle, a Magic Leap tech demo showcasing the potential of augmented reality multiplayer experiences. It was hands down the best thing we played at this year's Game Developers Conference! Plus, Jeremy interacts with Magic Leap's Mica digital character, and we review Vacation Simulator!

Modeling the Key to Erebor for 3D Printing!

For Darrell's next project, he walks us through the process of modeling a replica of the Key to Erebor, inspired by the Hobbit films. Throughout the modeling process, Darrell explains how he achieves exacting relief details on the model that's suitable for 3D printing!

Tested: Dremel Digilab LC40 Laser Cutter

We test and review Dremel's Digilab LC40 laser cutter, a 40 watt hobby laser designed for personal workshops and maker spaces. We go over its setup, safety features, and capabilities, including the differences between it and other glass tube lasers in its class. There's a lot to like here!

Unconventional Workshops - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 4/9/19
Special guest Melissa Ng (Lumecluster) and modelamaker Kayte Sabicer join us this week to talk about working out of nonstandard spaces, finding satisfaction in arduous workflows, and the difference between having a dedicated workshop and working from home. Plus, shoutout to the North Bergen High School drama club and their Alien play!
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Model Behavior: Mech Garage Kit!

It's been a while since we've put together a garage kit from start to finish, so we're stoked to assemble this garage kit from friend of Tested Michael Sng (aka Machinatino Studio)! Kayte and Norm clean up the parts, knoll them out, prep and prime, and then piece this Panzer II walking tank together. As a finishing touch, we airbrush some shading onto the tank to give plates some definition.

Offworld: Arrival (2016)
This week on Offworld, we look at the science fiction film Arrival and its depiction of communication with alien life! Ariel is joined by cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Teon Brooks and Dr. Douglas Vakoch, President of METI (Messaging Extraterrestial Intelligence) to discuss how we might try to decipher verbal and visual language or alien origin. (Due to popular demand, we're releasing our Offworld show as an audio podcast! Subscribe today to get new episodes and catch up on our show.)
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Show and Tell: Laser-Cut Orrery Kit

We're enamored with this elegant laser-cut wooden orrery kit by Induku Design. This hand-cranked mecahnical model of the solar system depicts the rotations of the Moon around the Earth, and also around the Sun. We put this automata together to show you how it works!

Hands-On with the HP Reverb VR Headset!

We visit HP to go hands-on with their new high-end virtual reality headset, the HP Reverb. This Windows Mixed Reality headset has one of the highest resolution panels we've used for VR, and the clarity is remarkable! Plus, our impressions of Asgard's Wrath and Shadowpoint, two Oculus games we played at GDC.

Shop Tips: Tools for Punching Holes

Sean guides us through the different tools best used to make precise holes in all sorts of materials, from leather to sheet metal. Here's what he uses to make things like custom washers burr-free electrical panel holes.