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Adam Savage Visits National Air and Space Museum's Restoration Hangar!

This was one of the MAJOR highlights of our DC trip: the National Air and Space Museum's Mary Baker Engen Restoration Hangar, where objects conservator Lisa Young gives Adam Savage a tour of the artifacts currently being preserved! In addition to geeking out over an LM cockpit simulator, a "lunar rover, qualification test unit” and the Skylab 4 command module, Adam learns a LOT about the craft of conserving such historic pieces. (We had to practically drag him out.)

Adam Savage's 2019 Silicon Valley Comic Con Schedule

It's our FOURTH Silicon Valley Comic Con, and incredibly our first con of 2018! This year, Adam will around all weekend! If you can't make it, there will be plenty of video on, of course. And for those of you who CAN join us, there are still some tickets available.

Adam Incognito (Saturday)

Stay tuned to Twitter (@donttrythis), because we'll Tweet when Adam is hitting the floor in his Incognito costume! This one has taken a LOT of work and time, too.

Non-linear Path to Success: Chris Hadfield moderated by Adam Savage (Saturday at 11:30 am, Room 220BC)

It may seem obvious: A teenager who dreams of becoming an astronaut grows up to be an astronaut, while another dreams of working on Star Wars ... and then works on Star Wars. But both Col. Chris Hadfield and Adam Savage took very nonlinear paths to their goals. They'll both tell their stories, and take your questions.

Inside Adam Savage's Cave: Ryan Nagata's First Spacesuit!

While visiting Adam's cave to collaborate on a project, spacesuit replica builder Ryan Nagata brought a blast from the past: the very first spacesuit he made when he was 14 years old. Adam and Ryan pore over the details of this suit, which includes snoopy cap, gloves, and helmet. It's a testament to Ryan's obsession, ingenuity, and attention to detail, all qualities which have carried trhough to his newest spacesuits.

Ask Adam: How Do You Cope With Tedium During Projects?

This week -- with Tested mascot Alfie along for company -- Adam answers Tested member SmithPad2's question: "What are some of your strategies in coping with tedium in a project with lots of repetition?" Ask your own question in the comments section below or on social media (tagged #AskAdamSavage)!

Adam Savage Builds a Hero's Engine Sweet Cream Pourer!

Adam decided to make an aeolipile -- or Hero's engine -- powered by liquid nitrogen as part of a video for Starbucks. The idea was that the engine would drive a pulley system that would pour sweet cream into Adam's glass of Nitro Cold Brew. His build, however, was not without complication. Here's how it turned out. (This video is sponsored by Starbucks. Order Nitro Cold Brew here)

Adam Savage Examines the Space Shuttle Discovery!

At the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Dulles, Va., Adam Savage examines the Space Shuttle Discovery (which he has a personal connection to), then speaks with National Air and Space Museum's Objects Conservator, Lisa Young, about the challenges of putting such a huge and historic spacecraft on public display!