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Sideshow Collectible's New Quarter-Scale Superhero Statues

While at Sideshow Collectible's headquarters for their SideshowCon event, we check out the new premium format quarter-scale statues unveiled for 2020, including a striking Superman, enchanting Dr. Strange, and stoic Silver Surfer. These statues showcase the latest improvements to Sideshow's sculpting, use of mixed media, and paint finishes.

Building a New Gaming and VR PC for 2020

We wrap up this week with a fun project, as Norm puts on a topical cosplay to build his new editing, gaming, and VR PC. Follow along the assembly as we talk through the component choices, order of operations, and what we liked about this configuration of parts. How would you spec out a new PC today?

3D-Printing King Atlan's Artifact Prop from Aquaman!

Darrell's latest prop replica project allows him to combine 3d printing clear resin with LED illumination and some intricate paint masking. He models and prints the King Atlan message recorder artifact as seen in Aquaman, and then applies a series of paint applications to give it an ancient and otherworldly finish. We check in with Darrell to talk through the challenges of the build and how he approached each step of the process!

Episode 559 - Dropping Frames, Dropping Calls - 7/23/20
On the eve of San Diego Comic-Con at home and the Xbox Games Showcase, we check in to talk about our recent projects upgrading home theater sound systems and building a new PC. We discuss Netflix's big bet on spy thriller franchise, the fate of Tenet, and the significance of 4K 60fps games on next-gen consoles. Plus, what's up with that Oculus Quest render that's been posted online. Thanks to Alex for creating this week's theme music!
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Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Workshop Filming Slate!

Adam builds a piece of production equipment to assist with his self-filmed One Day Builds and other videos while we're working remotely. It's a classic production slate to help identify shots, sync audio, and is just fun to use! It also allows Adam to repurpose a variety of shop materials and make use of his tabletop bandsaw--using mini tools to make a mini slate!

Hot Toys 2020 Star Wars and Marvel Figure Reveals!

The protective glass is off for our visit to Sideshow Con's showroom to check out the newest Hot Toys figures from Avengers: Endgame, Marvel's Spider-Man, and Star Wars. It's our first chance to get a close-up look at anticipated figures like the sixth-scale battle damaged Thanos, Mandalorian and The Child, and convention exclusives like Spider-Man 2099!

Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Ratchet and Socket Set!

Adam gripes about something everyone who's worked with sockets can relate to: having an incomplete set because the cases they're stored in aren't any good. That's why he's a fan of Milwaukee's ratchet and socket sets, which are stored in a robust and thoughtfully designed carrying case. What are tools you own that have great storage cases? (1/4 set, 3/8in set)

Life-Size Baby Yoda! Sideshow Collectibles' The Child Prototype

We visit Sideshow Collectibles’ headquarters to get a close-up look at their prototype of The Child life-size figure from Star Wars The Mandalorian! This casting comes directly from Legacy Effects’ molds that were used for the making of the baby Yoda puppet used for production--the closest we'll get to seeing the real prop!

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Air Tools Sorting Boxes!

Adam tackles the disorganized mess of air tools stuffed into his shop toolchests, building custom foamcore sorters for organizing and storing the tools. Adam guides us through the step-by-step process and tips to building this kind of sorter, which can be used for any kind of tool or gear storage.

Drone Cinematography Tips with the DJI Mavic Air 2!

We revisit the DJI Mavic Air 2 and share our 4K cinematic landscape footage as producer and drone pilot Gunther Kirsch offers tips and techniques for filming beautiful aerial video. Follow along as we discuss the use of HDR, shutter speed, ND filters, and parallax on DJI's latest quadcopter.