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Episode 566 - Where The Air is Sweet - 9/10/20
We're joined by science communicator Trace Dominguez this week to discuss the state of the west coast wildfires and what's making the sky turn orange in the Bay Area. Kishore recaps the virtual panels of DragonCon, and Norm wonders how a big budget Dune gets approved. Plus, pricing for next-gen consoles, augmented reality Mario Kart, and the science of brain-machine interfaces. Thanks to Jeff for making this week's theme music!
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Hands-On with Tactical Haptics' SaberGrip VR Controller

We visit the labs of Tactical Haptics, where the company has been prototyping new versions of their haptic feedback VR controller during the COVID lockdown. Their controller's use of sheer forces to simulate weight and object interaction is one of the most compelling haptics implementations we've tried. Chatting with founder and CEO Will Provancher, we learn how they've been refining the controller design, creating new demo experiences, and their plans for their awesome multi-pose magnet sockets accessory!

Adam Savage Live Q&A (Sept. 7, 2020)

On Monday, Adam was going to do a live build, but he couldn't find his kit(s), so the live stream turned into a Q&A: everything from funny stories about Grant, to how to remove rust, to whether Mrs. Donttrythis liked her watering can. Also: a sneak peek of a VERY EXCITING NEW BUILD! (Full live stream video here for Tested members!)

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Thread Tapping Guide Block!

Adam shows you how to make a tapping guide block to help make perfectly aligned screw and bolt threads reliably and with ease. It's a handy accompaniment to the tap set you may have in your own shops, and something that may save you from breaking taps or bolts in the future. Adam dives into the ins and outs of thread tapping, common pitfalls, and his favorite tips and techniques for using these essential tools!

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Brass Watering Can!

For his wife's birthday, Adam makes from scratch a brass watering can for tending to their succulent garden! It's going to involve a wide range of brass working techniques to piece it together from raw sheets and tubes, from the engineering of the form to the machining and soldering of parts together to make it actually functional. And by the end, it becomes a beautiful bespoke gardening tool!

Tested: Droplabs Haptic Feedback Shoes Review!

We test and review the Droplabs EP 01, a pair of sneakers with a built-in tactile transducer for haptic feedback while listening to music, watching movies, and playing games. It's an interesting example of technology designed to the constraints of footwear, giving a tactile sensation we didn't know we wanted from home entertainment. And one of the more interesting use cases: adding a new level of haptic feedback in virtual reality games.

Bantam Tools Desktop CNC Milling Machine Review!

We test and review the new Bantam Tools Desktop CNC, a powerful three-axis milling machine for precision carving of aluminum, wood, and other hard materials. Jen walks us through her experience using the CNC as a stepping stone from 3D printing and laser cutting, navigating the CAM workflow with Bantam Tools' user-friendly software. Here's how this machine can fit into maker spaces and home workshops to level up a maker's digital fabrication skillset.