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Tested: VR Simulator Cockpit Rig Build!

In anticipation of Star Wars: Squadrons, Norm puts together and tests a flight simulator cockpit kit from Next Level Racing. Made for driving and flight sims, this racing seat works with the Buttkicker bass shaker, our favorite HOTAS and racing wheel, and can be assembled in under two hours. Here's how a sim rig increases the immersion for VR cockpit sims, and we highly recommend it for VR games like Elite Dangerous, Project Cars 3, and Vox Machinae!

Adam Savage Sets Up His Sailrite Sewing Machine!

In this members-only video, Adam unboxes and sets up his brand-new Sailrite Ultrafeed LSZ‑1 PLUS Walking Foot sewing machine (and table), explaining why he decided to invest in a professional grade sewing machine! (And ICYMI, watch Adam customize his new cut-and-sew station in this One Day Build.)

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Car Seat Dog Bed!

For an upcoming road trip, Adam will be joined by his dog Maggie, who is a delightful travel companion. To help her better enjoy the long drive, Adam makes a custom fitted dog bed platform that fits over the folded seat of his car! It's a build that begins with cardboard prototyping and transforms sheets of plywood into a beautifully bolstered doggie bed!

Beverly Downen - The Adam Savage Project - 9/22/20
We're joined by the costumer and cosplayer Beverly Downen this week to talk about how cosplayers like her have adapted to shift to virtual conventions this year, staying motivated, and revisiting some of her past projects. We also discuss the collaboration between cosplayer and photographer, and the joy of sharing fabrication processes and techniques.
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Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Trammel Points and Rotape Beam Compass!

Adam's shown some tools for drawing small circles on work materials, but what if you need to draw a very large circle? Here are two tools to help with that: a set of trammel points that you can clamp onto any length of wood, and a novel device called a Rotape that combines an adjustable tape measure with a drawing compass! Adam demonstrates how to use each of these, and now you too can draw large circles!

Adam Savage's ILM Modelshop Greeblie!

Adam shares a memento from his ILM modelshop days: a cast piece of a complex kitbashed greeblie he made for Star Wars Attack of the Clones! We hear about how Adam made this piece, what set piece it was used for, and its versatility in providing surface detail for a variety of miniature scales.

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Planer and Spindle Sander Station!

Adam's workshop organization project today involves creating a perfectly-fitted storage platform for his wood planer and orbital spindle sander. These are tools that are used infrequently in the shop, but still need to be easily accessed and stored--and Adam found the perfect place for them under his table saw. Additionally, Adam modifies his planer to work with his shop's dust collector by making a magnetically attached hose adapter!

Lighting Setup for 1/6 Scale Figure Photography!

Norm shares his lighting setup for photographing sixth scale figures, using a combination of Aputure and Lume Cube LED lights, mounted to his office table with adjustable mounts. We walk through how each light is used and why a mini magic arm mounting solution works so well at this scale. To wrap things up, we put a Hot Toys War Machine figure under this setup for a quick photo session!