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    LEGO with Friends: VW Beetle, Part 4

    We recall vintage board games and schoolyard snacks as this vintage car build comes to a finish--the stick application is nerve-wracking! Thanks to Trace and Danica for joining us this week on this fun build! Find more of Trace's work at

    LEGO with Friends: VW Beetle, Part 3

    From underapprecaited 80s films to cult 90s flicks, we turn our talk to movies and video games in the third day of our LEGO build! We're into bag three, and the details of the Beetle are looking good!

    LEGO with Friends: VW Beetle, Part 2

    Summer camp and Science fiction conventions are the topics of discussion as Trace, Danica, and Norm continue putting together the LEGO VW Beetle! Plus, someone reveals an obession with the Fast and the Furious films.

    LEGO with Friends: VW Beetle, Part 1

    Our guest this week is friend of Tested Trace Dominguez, from the YouTube channel Seeker! Trace joins Norm and Danica to build the LEGO VW Beetle, a beautiful kit that sits well next to the LEGO VW Van. We talk about science communication and share our science fair experiences from our youth!

    Bits to Atoms: Thermal Detonator, Part 2

    Sean and Jeremy's epic quest to fabricate a metal thermal detonator comes to a thrilling conclusion! With Frank's molds perfected, it's time to experiment with pewter casting, using Kishore's backyard forge. But all the pieces still have to come together to fit Jeremy's electronics!

    Science in Progress: The Self-Driving DeLorean

    Welcome to the debut episode of Science in Progress! Tested's Kishore Hari and Indre Viskontas explore the labs where scientists invent custom tools and technologies to further their research. Their first visit takes them to a workshop where Stanford engineers study autonomous driving by turning a DeLorean into a self-drifting car!

    This Old FX Shop: Dinosaur Garage Kits

    Back in Frank's shop, we take on our next garage kit challenge: dinosaur busts we found at this year's Monsterpalooza. These reptiles have lots of sculptural detail to bring out with paint, so Norm and Frank look to nature for inspiration and reference for their distinct approaches.

    LEGO with Friends: Labyrinth Maze, Part 3

    Fun fact: if you're lucky enough to pick up one of these Labyrinth Maze sets (found on eBay or Amazon), designer Jason Allemann has released additional building instructions for maze designs that fit on top of this set.

    LEGO with Friends: Labyrinth Maze, Part 2

    As the team continues on the LEGO Ideas Labyrinth Maze, we realize that it was designed by none other than the incredibly talented Jason Allemann (aka JK Brickworks), who created the LEGO Automata Sisyphus!

    Simone Giertz's Shoulder Brushing Hands--It Might Work!

    Simone's newest robot build is one specifically made for an upcoming event--the annual Shorty awards in New York City. Since she's nominated for an award, Simone plans on attending with a robot that helps brush her shoulder--like it's no big deal. But designing the arm and hand to move the way she wants is no easy feat!