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    Tested in the High Arctic, Day 12

    Nearing the end of our trip, we were given access to the lower decks and working areas of the ship. Today, the chief engineer of the Kaptian Khlebnikov gives us a tour of the engineering and engine rooms, showing us how the 24,000 horsepower icebreaker is powered. It's incredible!

    Tested in the High Arctic, Day 11

    A brief update today as we reach our second northern-most point of our trip. Norm and Joey go for a hike in Tanquary Bay, surrounded by snow and sweeping mountains. After the hike, we make it back to the ship for a barbeque on the flight bridge!

    Tested in the High Arctic, Day 9

    You guys want to join us for an impromptu helicopter ride from the Kapitan Khlebnikov? Of course you do! Here's what it was like going on a sightseeing excursion to fly around the top of a glacier to grab some photos. We're joined by photographer Simone Bramante, who dares to stick hand and camera out of the copter to grab his shots.

    Tested in the High Arctic: Greenlandic Life

    Hope you guys are enjoying our daily video updates from our Arctic trip. We also shot a ton of other footage that we'll be compiling for separate Tested pieces in the coming weeks. And while we were on the ship, Joey cut together this preview piece with footage from the first week of our voyage. It's just a taste of an upcoming full show piece, and hope you enjoy it!

    Tested in the High Arctic, Day 8

    Activities mellow out on the ship as we leave Greenland and spend a day at sea. The elements finally get to Norm, who catches a cold, but we still make it to the ship's lounge for a special musical performance by Chris Hadfield and Danny Michel!

    Tested in the High Arctic, Day 7

    Over a week into our trip, and Norm starts suffering some problems launching the DJ Inspire One. It's time to problem solve. Back on the ship, we chat with Tom Scott about his adventures exploring the city of Qaanaaq.

    Tested in the High Arctic, Day 6

    We take you on one of our hikes up Parker Snow Bay in northwest Greenland. As we approach a glacier, Norm suffers some issues with the DJI Inspire One drone refusing to take off. Heading back to the ship, we also examine the survival suit kept in our quarters.

    Tested in the High Arctic, Day 5

    On a day of travel from Greenland to Canada, Norm gives you a tour of our home on the high seas, the Kapitan Khlebnikov. From our rooms to the dining areas to the ship's gym, here's what life is like living on the ship!

    Tested in the High Arctic: Drone Footage

    And now, a brief interlude from our daily video journals. Norm shares a selection of raw drone footage we filmed during our time in Greenland. Keep an eye out for a little surprise at the end of the final clip!

    Tested in the High Arctic, Day 4

    A short check-in today as we take an excursion to the sunny town of Uummannaq in northwest Greenland. Norm calls out a little bit of the landscape, including the sled dogs that blend into the hills.

    Tested in the High Arctic, Day 2

    On our second day of the trip, we move up the west coast of Greenland and make our first daytime excursion to the city of Sisimiut. Joey and Norm explore the picturesque city, try some of the local food, and make our first drone flight up north!

    Tested in the High Arctic, Day 1

    For the next two weeks, we're going to be rolling out videos from our recent trip to the high arctic aboard the Russian Icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov. On the first day, we board the ship after a long flight to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, and prepare ourselves for life away at sea.

    Star Trek Fan Event Outtakes

    While we were on the Paramount lot for the recent Star Trek Fan Event, we saw producers recording with GoPro's 360-degree Odyssey camera rig. We were all set up to do an interview with them about their use of the rig, but technical difficulties kept getting in the way. Since we'll never publish this footage on YouTube, here it is as an outtake for you guys!

    Ask Adam Anything #11: On Sketching

    This week, Adam answers a question about how he uses sketching to aid in the planning of his projects, and how sketching is different than drawing schematics and blueprinting. If you have a question or something you want to share with Adam, post in the comments below!