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    Premium: Norm Chews 30-Year-Old Gum ('Nuff Said)

    After I boasted about my willingness to try vintage gum, a reader sent over a care package with packs of 80s-era trading cards, gum intact. Here's what happens when you try to chew bad gum that's been sandwiched between wax paper and cardboard for 30 years. It's not pretty. (Apologies for the focusing issue in the video. I was testing the video capabilities of the Sony A7 camera, and auto-focus switched on after we framed up and focused on the background. It's artsy.)

    Premium: Testing Camera Gear in Norm's Garage

    I'm working from home today, so thought it'd be cool to share with you some new camera gear I just received for testing. Having just spent a day with it, here are my very early impressions and some thoughts on how I plan on testing it while at the South by Southwest conference next week. I also want to get you input about testing this camera, and would like to know what you want to see!

    Premium: Setting Up the High-Speed Camera Test

    Watch us prep for the video shoot in this behind-the-scenes video! This was the first setup for our day of high-speed camera testing. We only had three side windows to shatter, so getting the lighting and camera focus right was important. Of course, not everything worked as planned.

    Premium: Testing Airbag Detonation in Norm's Backyard

    Go behind-the-scenes of our most recent video and watch us set up the high-speed camera test of an airbag being detonated on command. We had no idea what could happen while we were recording this, so you can see that we're a little bit nervous. Especially Joey.

    Premium: Will and Norm Build Their SteamOS Boxes

    For testing the SteamOS Beta, Will and Norm build two very different PCs to run Linux games and stream games using Steam's in-home streaming feature. All the memories from the PC Build race come flooding back...will Norm's PC boot up on its first try?

    Premium: Toys and Stuff in Norm's Garage

    Since I'm working from home today, thought it would be neat to show you my garage workspace, where I tinker with craft projects on weekends while staying off the Internet. In addition to teasing some future Show and Tell projects, here are some random toys and collectibles that I bought over the Winter break.

    Premium: The PC Build Race Disaster of 2014

    Norm competes in the annual PC Build Race for charity, with Will and special guest Nathan Edwards providing color commentary. Third time's the charm, right? But everything that could go wrong, went wrong. So very wrong.

    Premium: CES Trendspotting and Michael Bay's Breakdown

    After press conference day at CES, Will and Norm hang out with the team from ArsTechnica to recollect the weirdest moments from the day. Bending televisions and smart appliances make the cut, but we all just want to talk about Michael Bay's incredible CES performance. Of which we have video. That you should watch. Right now.

    Premium: Norm's Lifecast Time-Lapse

    Watch the whole lifecasting process, from start to finish, through the lens of time-lapse! Norm had to sit still for about an hour to get this done, zoning out into a meditative state and breathing only through his nose. Definitely not for the claustrophobic.

    Inside Adam Savage's Tour Bus

    Adam gives Will a walkthrough of his tour bus, which, yes, appears to have a lower back tattoo on it. Adam explains how he's spending his time on the road, and the number one rule of the bus.