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Model Behavior: Fixing Glue Mistakes

Kayte shows us some of her tips for fixing and correcting glue and adhesive mistakes when modelmaking. Whether it's with hot glue, super glue, or epoxy, there's always a way to fix or hide your crimes. Don't panic!

Adam Savage's Maker Faire 2018 Talk!

Adam Savage gives his annual Sunday sermon at the 2018 Bay Area Maker Faire. Adam talks about an essential aspect of making and maker culture: generosity and sharing. With examples from his own experiences and the world at large, Adam talks about why the more we share, the more we have.

Custom Keyboard Spotlight: Zealencio Silencing Clips

Making a keyboard quieter is a quest undertaken by many enthusiasts. Most of the methods for doing this require either complex switch modifications or slapping o-rings on keycaps that ruin the feel. Another option is Zealencio silencing clips. These neat little devices come from ZealPC, the designer of Zealio switches. However, they're not only for Zeal's switches. They'll fit on almost any Cherry-style switch to provide a quieter typing experience.

You can apply a Zealencio to the switches already installed in a keyboard. They clip on top with a hole for the stem and another for the LED. On top of each Zealencio is a thin rubber pad. This pad is double-sided in order to silence the bottom-out noise as well as the return.

Zealencios work best with GMK's Cherry profile keycaps. There's a cross-shaped support on the underside of those caps that makes the stem more sturdy. A lot of caps have this same sort of structure, but Zealencios are just the right height for the GMK support to land on them. That keeps the switch from bottoming out completely, resulting in less noise. The press also doesn't feel as mushy as if you add o-rings to your keycaps.

So, to get the full effect of Zealencios, you need GMK caps or something very similar. However, the other end of each press will be quieter for all keycap types. As the stem returns to the top, it'll hit the bottom of the pad instead of the housing.

Ask Adam Anything: Drawing for Leisure

We're bringing back Ask Adam Anything segments! Every week, Adam will take a question from the comments section below or on social media (tagged #AskAdamSavage) and answer them for the Tested member community. This week's question is about Adam's personal drawings for fun and leisure.

Tested: Lenovo Daydream VR180 Camera Review

We review the Lenovo Daydream VR180, a camera made for filming 180-degree stereoscopic photos and videos for viewing on virtual reality headsets. We go over the user experience, image quality, and lessons learned from filming 180-degree 3D video.

Paint Masking Using a Laser Cutter!

Tested contributor Bill Doran (aka Punished Props) is in our shop this week and experiments using our Universal Laser Systems laser cutter to make a quick paint mask for a helmet. This can be done with standard painter's tape or a large sheet of masking tape, and we learn some lessons about masking complex curves.

Science in Progress: Making an Octopus Puzzle, Part 3

While we wait for the California Academy of Science's Giant Pacific Octopus to learn Adam's puzzle, Kishore and Indre visit biologist and cephalopod expert Rich Ross' home aquarium and lab where Rich breeds and raises octopuses and other amazing critters. It's one of the most fascinating home laboratories we've visited!