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Record YOUR Version of the Brain Candy Song!

For Michael Stevens' and my new stage show Brain Candy Live, I knew that I wanted to sing a song during the show and that I wanted one with which the audience could sing along. My friend Ken Pattengale, one half of the amazing Milk Carton Kids, took all my disparate notes on the show we were writing and busted out this cool ukulele tune. I play this every night and I love it!

Some of you had said you wanted to record your own versions. Do it! The lyrics are below, and here's a video of my singing it at a sound check for reference. (For the chords just watch my hands. It's an easy song to play.)

Just be sure to Tweet me (@donttrythis) a link to your finished version!

Tested Arctic: A Short Film

Last summer, Tested joined Astronaut Chris Hadfield and a team of photographers, filmmakers, and writers on a two-week expedition into the Canadian high Arctic. Tested Producer Joey Fameli brings you along our journey and recounts the incredible sights, encounters, and emotions felt on this trip to one of the most remote places on Earth. Written, shot, and edited by Joey Fameli

Let's Build: Vintage Gundam, Part 1

Our special guest for this week's build is none other than our resident effects artist Frank Ippolito! Frank comes up to the Tested studio to build snap-fit model kits with Norm, including a vintage kit sent in by a fan and a Gundam designed by Syd Mead!

PROJECTIONS, Episode 5: Horror in Virtual Reality

Jeremy and Norm discuss the effectiveness of horror and tension in virtual reality experiences, and how developers have tapped into VR for both cheap and immersive thrills. Plus, we playtest the narrative horror game Wilson's Heart and share our impressions!

Google Play App Roundup: Toucano, Super Mario Run, and Crash of Cars

You probably want more apps, but more than that, you want the right ones. That;s what we're here to deliver with the weekly Google Play App Roundup. This is where you'll find the best new and newly updated apps and games on Android. Just click the link to head right to Google Play.


It's an unwritten rule that Twitter apps need to be named after birds. Thus, the newest Twitter option on Android is called Toucano. Why Toucano and not Toucan? No clue. At any rate, Toucano is a very new (and still beta) Twitter client. It's clean, fast, and offers a few unique features.

The main feed in Toucano looks a lot like other Twitter clients. A series of tabs are arrayed across the top with the main timeline on the left, then mentions, and so on. The "so on" is a little different here. The activity tab isn't like the activity tab in other apps. It's a stats-based approach to tracking the impact your tweets have. It shows you how many favorites, replies, retweets, and more elicited by your postings.

In a similar vein, you can view stats for any profile (your own included). There's a tab that shows you how many tweets have been posted, follower stats, and other interesting bits of data. You can also add notes to specific user profiles to be viewed later. If you need to keep tabs on any accounts, you can add them to your favorites. These will remain at the top of your timeline as profile links.

The default theme is white and blue, just like the official Twitter client. However, there are plenty of other themes included, and you can build your own by choosing different primary and secondary colors. There's also a handy night mode toggle in the settings.

Toucano does some cool stuff, but it's very clearly a young app. It lacks things like layout customization, widgets, and background sync. The notification controls are also rather rudimentary.

It might be worth picking up if you're bored with your current Twitter client. Toucano is currently priced at $2.99.