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Print the Mystery Object: Tip of the Hat

Let's finish this week with a mystery object printed from our PrintrBot! You know the drill: place your best guess as to what's being printed in the comments below. This week's build is holiday appropriate!

Adam's Tour Diaries #21: A Gorgeous Little Town

Dec. 12, 2014: I’m here to testify to the fact that Fayetteville, Ark., is a gorgeous little town. Really sweet. I woke up and had a couple of interviews. After some computing work, I headed out for a 90-minute walk around town. Like I said: Gorgeous!

Fayetteville is full of buildings like this...
… and windows like this ...
… and manhole covers like this!

I did an NPR interview in the morning with a woman named Antoinette Grajeda (you can listen to it here) and she told me about an awesome bookstore around the corner from the Walton Arts Center, where we were performing. I decided to go and I was NOT disappointed.

Tested Builds: LED Hypnocube, Part 4

Soldering steel wire proves to be more challenging than either Will or Norm anticipates, and both struggle not to stay off course or burn themselves with the soldering iron. Taking bets in the comments as to whether this build will success or fail, and whose mistake screws it up! To watch and follow along with the build, sign up for a Tested Premium Membership by clicking here.