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Maker Faire 2015: MegaBots' Giant Fighting Robot

We ran into a giant mech at Maker Faire! MegaBots' creators constructed this massive concept robot in hopes of building a league of combat bots for spectators. Their fighting robots would be piloted by teams of drivers, and use massive hand-made paintballs to knock armor and other pieces off of their opponents. We enter the cockpit of this robot and check out its controls!

SCAA 2015: The Chemistry of Coffee Brewing with Blossom One

Making coffee is chemistry, and you want to have control of as many variables as you can. At this year's SCAA, we check out the Blossom One, a coffee machine that brews with precise temperature controls--keeping the brew at a single temp for any length of time. Having seen a prototype severals years back, we're happy to see the final Blossom machine up and running, and chat with its creator to learn about the chemistry of coffee.

Tested Builds: ErgoDox Mechanical Keyboards, Part 5

It's the end of the first week in this batch of builds, and Will and Norm are rushing to get those last pieces into their ErgoDox keyboards! We're hoping to make it to a typing test, but troubleshooting broken keys means we'll have to do some backtracking as well. It's been a really fun kit so far, so follow along with us for the rest of this build by signing up for a Tested Premium Membership here!

Maker Faire 2015: Looking Glass 8x8x8 LED Cube

Building an 8x8x8 LED cube may sound daunting, but this kit we found at Maker Faire simplifies the process with a clever design. We chat with Looking Glass' CTO about the idea of volumetric imagery, and how they've experimented in creating floating images with both 3D prints and RGB LED light matrices. What kind of images and animations can you create with just 512 points? Apparently, a lot--think of it as Hologram 1.0.

Rick Baker's Men in Black Puppets and Animatronics

Some of effects legend Rick Baker's most memorable work was in the Men in Black series, where his studio designed and created the fantastic alien creatures featured in the films. We chat with Rick about the practical fabrication of the memorable worm aliens, and a giant bug animatronic that never made it to screen--all going on auction. So many wonderful stories! (For a chance to win a prop from this collection, just post in the comments what from the auction you'd love to have!)