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    Photo Gallery: Peter Jackson's Movie Prop Collection

    Earlier this year, we visited Peter Jackson's cave--his collection of movie props, costumes, and cinema artifacts that inspire his filmmaking. Here are some photos from our visit, which let us get up close with iconic movie characters and the practical props, puppets, production ephemera and that made up their worlds.

    Adam Savage Tours Peter Jackson's Movie Prop Collection!

    Earlier this year, Adam Savage visited Peter Jackson in his cave--his world-class collection of props, costumes, and cinema artifacts that inspired him as a young filmmaker and continue to inspire him. Adam and Peter examine a prop you may recognize: the faceplate for the Hal 9000 computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    Nation of Makers - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 11/15/16
    This week, Adam announces his newest initative: Nation of Makers (, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the maker community. We also learn about Adam's part in Chris Hadfield's Generator show, Will's halloween adventures as Baymax, and Will's just-launched Kickstarter campaign! Plus, a mystery surrounding a pair of objects in the cave.
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    Announcing the Nation of Makers!

    I'm excited to go public with a project I'm super passionate about and honored to be a part of: Nation of Makers. A nonprofit helping makers and maker spaces everywhere to their share ideas, ideals, projects, curricula, game plans, resources, and energy. In order to spread and encourage making in all forms, to everyone.

    Check out the press release below!

    Contact: Nation of Makers

    More than 300 organizations come together to launch Nation of Makers

    New non-profit organization will ensure that more Americans have access to the spaces, communities, and tools that enable them to make things, not just consume things.

    MARYLAND- The grassroots Maker Movement has, and continues to, impact entrepreneurship, education, economic and workforce development, manufacturing, community revitalization and technology inclusion in the U.S. To build upon existing efforts and to continue to grow the coalition of diverse organizations supporting the maker community, we are proud to announce the creation of an independent non-profit called Nation of Makers. The organization will serve and represent a wide variety of spaces, events, and institutions serving makers, including non-profit organizations, museums, libraries, science centers, educational institutions, foundations and for-profit companies.

    Making Murloc Costumes for BlizzCon 2016!

    We stop by Frank's shop to learn about a secret project he's been working on for this year's BlizzCon! Frank and his team made two Murloc costumes, and walk us through the whole process of sculpting, molding, painting, and dressing up these creatures to meet fans and spread the word about Hearthstone's newest expansion.

    Features Not Standard: Building a Motocross Mobile Pit Stop!

    You may not know that Tested's Frank Ippolito has been racing dirt bikes since he was 14. So when given the opportunity to modify a Honda Ridgeline, Frank immediately dreamed up ways to turn the truck into a mobile pit stop for track-side bike maintenance. From a power washer to air compressor and easy-access hoses, Frank adds track-side essentials that keep him riding on a day at the track. Plus, the truck gets wrapped in Tested flair! #sponsored #featuresnotstandard #HondaRidgeline

    Making Laser-Cut Mechanized Hands for Creature Effects

    We visit Frank's shop to check out his latest project: mechanized hand extensions inspired by the props built by Rick Baker's team for creature performances in film. Frank walks us through how he deconstructed the design of these mechs and recreated them using his Universal Laser Systems cutter!

    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: NASA Spacesuit Parts!

    Adam dons his replica Apollo-era spacesuit, made by replica spacesuit builder Ryan Nagata. As part of their ongoing collaboration, today's One Day Build entails milling parts for the spacesuit, including a radiation dosimeter and aluminum knobs. But all doesn't go right as Adam has to overcome a maker's slump.

    Features Not Standard: Weather Balloon Launch and Recovery!

    Tested's science editor Kishore Hari teams up with Stanford engineers to launch a weather balloon to photograph Earth from the edge of space. Adam helps Kishore design a balloon payload that pays tribute to space capsules, and the team utilizes the Honda Ridgeline to set up their midnight launch and thrilling retrieval. #sponsored #featuresnotstandard #HondaRidgeline

    The Star Wars Concept Art of Ralph McQuarrie

    For this week's Show and Tell, Norm gushes over the new Star Wars concept art book featuring all of the work of legendary artist Ralph McQuarrie. We chat with Brandon Alinger, who co-wrote the book and dug into the LucasFilm archives to find and rescan this artwork.

    "Children of The Night, Shaddup!" - Episode 53 -10/28/16
    This episode of CreatureGeek, Frank and I talk Dracula and Vampires. We chat about the original 1931 Lugosi joint as well as our favorite (and no so favorite) Vampire films. We also chat about a lot of other stuff that you are bound to enjoy. So go now and enjoy it! If you're digging this podcast, please head over to and support us with a few bucks.
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    Ripe for Misadventure - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 10/25/16
    We're all over the place this week! Before embarking on another week of travel, Adam shares another recent find connected to his obsession with the Shining maze, we talk about halloween haunts and costumes, and Will goes off on a rant! Plus, we give out more details about our upcoming live stage show, taking place this Saturday!
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    Show and Tell: Laser Cutting Norm's Wedding Favors

    For this week's Show and Tell, Norm shares the homemade wedding favors that Frank helped make for Norm's recent wedding ceremony using his Universal Laser Systems cutter. The project was straightforward and simple to execute, and Norm couldn't be happier with the results!

    Adam Savage and John Scalzi Chat Sci-Fi!

    Before joining us for a recording of Still Untitled at New York Comic Con, science fiction author John Scalzi sat down to chat with Adam about his most recent writing projects, fan convention culture, and the status of John's film and television projects.