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    Sideshow Collectibles Booth Tour at Comic-Con 2016

    We tour the Sideshow Collectibles booth at this year's Comic-Con--4,000 square feet of awesome toys and statues. From sixth scale Star Wars to life-size droid replicas, we get up close with these prototype sculptures and paint masters. Check out that Iron Giant!

    Sculpting a Realistic LEGO Cosplay Mask

    Frank and Norm show and talk through the sculpting process for our LEGO-inspired Creepyfig cosplay. Frank explains how he formed this massive mask and gave it the necessary detail to make the sculpture look like it had a real skin.

    Tested Builds: Real-Life LEGO MiniFig Cosplay!

    Our latest project with Frank Ippolito lives at the intersection of creepy and amazing. For this year's Comic-Con, Frank designed, sculpted, and painted a LEGO-inspired mask, made to look like a real-life version of a minifig. We're calling it the creeppyfig, and it found its way home wandering through Comic-Con's exhibit hall.

    The Creature Sculptures of Dominic Qwek

    We stop by the booth of artist Dominic Qwek at this year's Comic-Con. We're big fans of Dominic's sculptures and resin kits, and chat with him about his digital sculpting process and how it differs from working with physical materials like clay. His work inspires us!

    Adam Savage Moderating the Expanse Panel at Comic-Con

    In case you didn't know, Adam Savage LOVES Syfy's series the Expanse. So when he was asked to moderate the panel with its stars and producers at Comic-Con, he jumped at the chance. (By the way, if you're not watching it, you should give it a try!) Here's the panel in full.

    Simone and Norm Tour Comic-Con 2016!

    The Tested team strolls through the massive Comic-Con exhibit hall in our annual walkthrough of the show! It's Simone's first Comic-Con, and we make sure to stop by the Star Wars, Weta Workshop, and LEGO booths to gush over costumes, collectibles, and artwork. Here are some of the best things we saw in our whirlwind tour of the floor!

    Adam Savage Incognito as a Bear at Comic-Con 2016!

    It's time for Adam's Incognito walk through San Diego Comic-Con! This year, Adam's costume is a creature of his own creation--a bear suit that's more realistic than cartoonish. But he also couldn't help making it pop-culture related, so he made it inspired by the Leonardo DiCaprio film, The Revenant, complete with a Leo prop!

    Star Trek Beyond and Star Wars Costumes from Anovos

    With every big sc-fi film release, we look forward to costume replicas that fans can cosplay at conventions. Anovos debuted new costumes from Star Trek and Star Wars at Comic-Con, and we chat with them about their process for sourcing fabrics, replicating patterns, and making costume kits.

    eFX Collectibles' Black Panther and Suicide Squad Prop Replicas

    We get up close with the beautiful helmet and prop replicas made by eFX collectibles at Comic-Con. Chatting with eFX founder Bryan Ono, we learn about how they're fabricating the Black Panther helm from Captain America: Civil War, and the process of replicating Harley Quinn's weapons from suicide squad.

    Jurassic Park Prop Replicas at Comic-Con 2016

    We check in with the team at Chronicle Collectibles to see their latest Jurassic Park statues, marquettes, and replica props. We learn about the sourcing of the reference assets from production archives and private collections, and what fans can expect next.

    Cutaway Millennium Falcon Model Miniature!

    One of our first stops at this year's Comic-Con was the Quantum Mechanix booth, where we found some amazing new scale models. John Eblan of QmX's FX Cinema Arts shows us an incredible cutaway Millennium Falcon, a new Star Trek ship, and a fully realized Milano from Guardians of the Galaxy! (Minor Star Trek Beyond spoilers within)

    The Little Wood Chopper - Episode 44 - 7/22/16
    This episode of Creaturegeek, Frank and I talk with Rick "The Little Wood Chopper" Lazzarini of The Character Shop. Rick talks about his work on the Ghostbusters reboot and also the lack of credit for it. Rick gives us some great insight into the behind-the-scenes of the behind-the-scenes. Thanks for listening! If you're digging this show, please head over to and support us with a few bucks.
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    Sean Bishop's Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Replica!

    Ghostbusters fans have been making replicas of props and costumes from the film for decades. But not many people have taken on building their own Ecto-1 replica. We meet Sean Bishop, who has built a highly-detailed reproduction of the iconic car, both outside and in!

    Adam Savage's Star Trek Beyond Costume

    Adam and Norm geek out over the new Star Trek Beyond uniform and pick out the differences from the past films in the franchise. Here are some close-up details for replica costume makers to scrutinize, including what's behind the seams. Adam of course tries it on!

    TRANSCRIPT: Adam Savage's 2016 TED Talk on His Love for Cosplay

    If you want to watch Adam's TED talk, scroll below or click here.

    There's this fact that I love that I read somewhere once, that one of the things that's contributed to homo sapiens' success as a species is our lack of body hair -- that our hairlessness, our nakedness combined with our invention of clothing, gives us the ability to modulate our body temperature and thus be able to survive in any climate we choose. And now we've evolved to the point where we can't survive without clothing. And it's more than just utility, now it's a communication. Everything that we choose to put on is a narrative, a story about where we've been, what we're doing, who we want to be.

    I was a lonely kid. I didn't have an easy time finding friends to play with, and I ended up making a lot of my own play. I made a lot of my own toys. It began with ice cream. There was a Baskin-Robbins in my hometown, and they served ice cream from behind the counter in these giant, five-gallon, cardboard tubs. And someone told me -- I was eight years old -- someone told me that when they were done with those tubs, they washed them out and kept them in the back, and if you asked they would give you one. It took me a couple of weeks to work up the courage, but I did, and they did. They gave me one -- I went home with this beautiful cardboard tub. I was trying to figure out what I could do with this exotic material -- metal ring, top and bottom. I started turning it over in my head, and I realized, "Wait a minute -- my head actually fits inside this thing."

    Yeah, I cut a hole out, I put some acetate in there and I made myself a space helmet.

    Building a Cheap RC Glider. Part 1: Assembly

    I'm sure that most of you are familiar with the foam "chuck" gliders that you can buy from toy and craft stores. They are lots of fun in their intended role, but I've always enjoyed modifying these inexpensive airframes into RC models. My knotted "Airplane!" model from 2014 is a recent example. While my chuck glider projects lean toward the whimsical and unusual, I figured out early on that these same models can also serve as low-stress trainers for new pilots.

    The traditional path to earning your RC pilot's wings is to purchase an almost-ready-to-fly kit and then have an experienced pilot provide instruction over the course of several weeks or months. Even though prices for these types of models are as low as they've ever been, the cost of entry is at least $150 dollars…usually much more. That's a significant investment for someone who probably isn't quite sure if RC flying will be something they want to stick with.

    The Air Hogs Titan is a great starting point for creating a DIY RC trainer model.

    Modifying a chuck glider for RC will probably cost about $50 for the airborne components. That is still not an insignificant sum, but it certainly relieves a lot of the crash anxiety that most new pilots feel. Furthermore, you can complete the conversion in a single afternoon. So there isn't much sweat equity required to get off the ground.