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Razer's "Project Valerie" 3-Screen Gaming Laptop Prototype

We check out Razer's Project Valerie, a concept gaming laptop that has three 17-inch 4K screens built into its chassis. Running an Nvidia GTX 1080, we see Battlefield One running across all three displays and chat with Razer about why they built this insane prototype.

Google Play App Roundup: Stringify, Road Not Taken, and War Commander: Rogue Assault

Your phone or tablet might be cool, but it could be a lot cooler with the right apps. So what? Spend like mad until you find the apps that suit your needs? Nah, just read the weekly Google Play App Roundup here on Tested. We strive to bring you the best new, and newly updated apps on Android. Just click the app name to head to the Play Store.


Many of us have ended up with various smart internet-connected things. Cameras, lights, and of course our smartphones. There are a number of services that tie these things together, but Stringify is a new take on this with a more visual and potentially powerful approach. Simply link up your services and start playing around.

If you've used something like IFTTT or Tasker, you'll be able to figure out Stringify pretty fast. It's sort of a combination of those two (although it can actually plug into IFTTT as well). Stringify uses "flows" to control your devices and services. You can use one of the flows from the starter pack to get familiar with the process, but ideally you will want to create new flows based on the things you have.

I've been playing around with Stringify and my Arlo home security cameras. In a few minutes I was able to create flows to arm and disarm the cameras based on my location and manually trigger a video recording when I tap a special Stringify button. One thing that really sets Stringify apart from services like IFTTT is that it can have multiple triggers and actions, and they're pretty easy to follow with the flowchart setup process. IFTTT by comparison only allows a single trigger and action. You can even plug into IFTTT to integrate recipes within your flows.

To create flows, you pick the services you want to use, and drop them on the provided grid of circles. There are plenty of built-in triggers like time, location, and so on. The ones needing configuration have gear icons to let you know. After all your icons are set up, you can drag between them to create the flow. I've found Stringify to be very reliable, but there are still some bugs. A few services are also unsupported in the Android client. Not surprising as this is a beta app. If you choose to use a button trigger in Stringify, you can access those from the app's control center. Although, I've had trouble getting the home screen widget version working.

Despite the issues with this early build, Stringify is something you should keep an eye on. It could potentially be a very powerful automation app.

Weta Workshop Artist's Hand-Sculpted Skulls

In Weta Workshop's sculpting department, Adam meets artist Javier Murcia, who in his spare time has been working on a beautiful personal project. These "Oxidations" are castings of hand-sculpted skulls, chemically treated to produce unique patinas and finishes. They're stunning!

Remote Viewing With Jordu Schell - Episode 55 -1/6/17
CreatureGeek is back for 2017! Our first show is an extra long one with an incredible guest. This week, Frank and I welcome sculptor and concept designer, Jordu Schell, who has been working in the FX industry for over 30 years. His resume includes such films as James Cameron's Avatar, Hellboy, Galaxy Quest and 300. He also has an IndieGogo campaign running for his first movie Remote Viewing. Check it out and throw it a few bucks to put it over the edge!
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Learning about Silicone Prosthetics at Weta Workshop

At Weta Workshop, we stop by the mold and cast department, where artists make the prosthetic makeup applications that transform actors into elves, dwarves, and orcs. We meet Kim Docherty, senior prosthetics artist, who explains how a silicone prosthetic like a dwarf's nose is made from start to finish at the shop.

Adam Savage at Weta Workshop's Model Painting Shop!

Adam Savage geeks out over model painting at Weta Workshop's paint department! Chatting with senior painter Jules German, Adam learns how the Weta Workshop artist creates the paint master for a scaled diorama from The Hobbit, as well as discussing tips and techniques for model makers of any skill level.

Inside Weta Workshop's Collectibles Department

Weta Workshop is composed of many different departments that produce its world-class fabrication and special effects work for films, but there are also departments that produce products for fans. We visit the collectibles workshop at Weta to learn what goes into designing and making a Lord of the Rings collectible.