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How Weta Workshop Made Ghost in the Shell's Robot Skeleton!

Adam Savage gets up close with the one-of-a-kind 3D-printed endoskeleton Weta Workshop made for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell. Chatting with Weta Workshop technician Jared Haley in the studio's 3D modeling room, Adam learns about the experimentation and prototyping necessary to make this gobsmackingly beautiful prop.

This Old FX Shop: 3D Printing a VR Sculpture!

Frank makes a trip up north to Adam's cave for this episode of This Old FX Shop! This week, we try our hand at virtual reality sculpting, as Frank experiments with the toolset of Oculus Medium and how it compares to his physical sculpting techniques. We then turn his sculpture into a 3D printed part and paint it to look like a die-cast toy!

Adam Savage Embarks on His Makerspace Tour!

Adam has undertaken a national makerspace tour designed to highlight innovation in maker education, entrepreneurship and workforce development! In this first video of the series, Adam visits Intermediate Unit 1, a K-12 special and alternative education school in Grindstone, PA,

Adam Savage's SXSW 2017 Makers Scavenger Hunt

South by Southwest festival begins this week and the city of Austin, Texas is buzzing with excitement and creativity! Adam and artist Jen Schachter have been collaborating on a Maker-themed scavenger hunt celebrating inventions, people and tools across all disciplines of making. Jen has designed an amazing laser-cut wood sculpture that showcases the breadth of maker culture, from engineering and electronics to art and design. This tapestry has been split into nine puzzle pieces, and it's up to you to collect them all and put the puzzle together!

Even if you're not in Austin for SXSW, we want the Tested and maker community to be able to participate in this scavenger hunt. Jen has hidden the nine pieces of this puzzle in locations across Austin, each connected to the themes and disciplines illustrated on the puzzle sections. For each location, you'll have to solve three riddles, and then unscramble selected letters to reveal the name of the place where the puzzle piece is kept. Think hangman, meets crossword puzzle, meets letter jumble! (When you locate a piece, we recommend looking up their business hours before making the trip.)

There are only nine total pieces, and the locations will have instructions for the people who collect them on where and when to bring them together at SXSW. As teams begin uncovering the locations and retrieving the puzzle pieces, we'll be tweeting and updating this page with the solutions. And once the puzzle comes together this Tuesday evening, we'll unlock the laser cutter designs for this beautiful art piece for you to make your own or remix the design.

The clues for the nine puzzle locations are below, and you can also download them here to print out! Collaborate with other people working to find these puzzle pieces in the comments section below or on social media using the hashtags #makerpuzzle and #sxsw2017. Good luck!

A Visit with Beth Hathaway - Episode 61 -3/10/17
We are celebrating International Women's Day on CreatureGeek. Actually, Frank and I are planning on celebrating Internationall Women's MONTH on CreatureGeek by showcasing the women of SFX/Makeup in the month of March. On this show, we welcome the wonderful Beth Hathaway. Beth is a special effect artist and puppeteer who has worked on such shows as Jurassic Park, Terminator 2 and Edward Scissorhands. She was, along with former CreatureGeek Guest, Kirk Thatcher, a judge for Jim Henson's CreatureShop Challenge on Syfy. Listen in! She's awesome! If you're digging this podcast, please head over to and support us with a few bucks. Thanks for listening! And be sure to listen to how to get a new pack of CreatureGeek stickers!
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PROJECTIONS, Episode 3: Sprint Vector Multiplayer VR Racing!

This week, Jeremy and Norm dive into a discussion about the challenge of locomotion in VR--how different games allow players to travel around their virtual worlds. We talk about a new game we demoed at GDC, which combines four different locomotion mechanics for multiplayer sprint races.

Google Play App Roundup: Focus Timer Reborn, Mushroom 11, and Hardway

A new week has dawned, but you can ease the transition with some new apps and games. You've come to the right place, too. This is the Google Play App Roundup, the weekly feature where we tell you what's new and cool in Google Play.Just hit the links to zoom right to the Play Store.

Focus Timer Reborn

Making time to get work done is not always easy. In fact, your phone can sometimes be a tempting distraction that keeps you from digging in and making some progress. With Focus Timer Reborn, it might be quite the opposite. This app helps you split up your time for more efficient work.

Focus Timer Reborn is based on the idea that you can be more productive if you use a series of short break and slightly longer work periods. The app defaults to using 25 minute periods of focused work, short 5-minute breaks, and longer 25 minute breaks. This is based loosely on the pomodoro method. The app includes options to set goals, configurable lengths of time, and stats to help you do this. The customization lets you use whatever version of work timers you like. Some people prefer the a 52-minute session of work followed by a 17-minute break.

The main screen in Focus Timer Reborn is the timer, which makes sense for an app that's supposed to help you get work done. Just tap the start button and get to it. You can also choose a short or longer break from this screen. Again, these lengths of time can be changed in the app's settings. There's also a handy notification available when the timer is running. It includes the remaining time and a stop button.

All your work periods are automatically logged in the Log tab, accessible at the bottom of the UI. This is a scrollable week view showing all the work blocks you entered. If for some reason you forget to start the app, you can manually enter a block of time in the log. The far right tab is for tracking goals. The default setting for each day is 8 blocks of focused work per day.

Focus Timer Reborn is also available online, and it syncs with the app. The app supports Google login. Thus, you can start a session on one device and pick it up on another, as long as you log into the app and web with the same account. Focus Timer Reborn is a solid app if you want to give a time management scheme a shot. It's free and there are no ads.

Let's Build: Prusa 3D Printer, Part 4

We're getting closer to a fully functional 3D printer! Tricky troubleshooting is needed to get the final pieces to come together, and we start thinking about what print to test with it. Calibration required!