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Crossing the Pond with Stuart Bray - Episode 57 - 1/20/17
Today's guest is on loan to us from the UK - Stuart Bray. Stuart has lent his talent in special effects and prostethics to such big budget features as Shaun of the Dead, The Mummy Returns and Gladiator. He's also worked on such iconic small screen shows like Game of Thrones, Waking The Dead (not to be confused with The Walking Dead), Hex and Doctor Who. He also has a fantastic blog at and his own podcast called Battles with Bits of Rubber. If you're digging this podcast, please head over to and support us with a few bucks.
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We Ditch Gas Stations and Go Full Electric with Chevy Bolt

We ditch the gas station and go full electric with the Chevy Bolt, the new electric vehicle that just hit the roads. Our own Jeremy Williams picked up the Bolt as his first EV, and we go for a ride and test drive to learn about his experience driving it for a few weeks.

How MegaBots Will Let You Build Your Own Giant Fighting Robot!

MegaBots' creators want you to be able to one day build your own giant fighting robot. But how is that possible? Simone and Norm visit the MegaBots headquarters to learn how their latest prototype--now equipped with giant steel knives--is the next step to proving that the dream of making your own giant robot is real.

Adam Savage's Apollo A7L Spacesuit Replica!

Adam gives a tour of his Apollo A7L spacesuit replica, made by industrious suit builder Ryan Nagata. The attention to detail and fabrication techniques make this suit one of Adam's favorites in his collection. You may have seen Adam wear this spacesuit in the final season of Mythbusters!

Google Play App Roundup: Weather Wiz, Towaga, and Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed

A new week has dawned, and with it comes a new list of great things happening on Android. This is the Google Play App Roundup where we tell you what needs to be on your phone or tablet right now. Just click the links to head to Google Play and grab these apps for yourself.

Weather Wiz

Weather apps with a lot of data tend to be not very attractive, and apps with attractive design tend to be lacking in data. Weather Wiz seems like a good compromise between pretty and functional. It's also completely free, at least for now.

Weather Wiz reminds me a little of the weather app HTC builds into its phone, but it has a lot more data and features than that app. In the main view, there's a temperature readout at the top along with some notes on the current conditions. At the bottom is an hourly forecast that can be scrolled through to see what's coming up in the future. I really appreciate having this data so easily accessible in the app.

The animated background image on the main screen is controlled by the theme you've chosen. It will, of course, change based on the current conditions. This is where you'll encounter the upsell—some of these themes cost $0.99. There are about 12 themes right now, and five appear to be paid. They don't seem any better than the free ones, though. I'm particularly into the Material theme (right) and the space theme.

If you scroll down from the main screen, you'll find all the other data in Weather Wiz. Oddly, you have to scroll from the bottom section with the temperature timeline. Swiping on the background doesn't work, which seems awkward and wrong. At any rate, the background is blurred as the new weather readings slide into view. You get more details about current conditions at the top, then as you scroll down there's a rundown of weather for tomorrow. Below that is a 10-day forecast. At the very bottom is a cool sunrise/sunset graphic.

Weather radar is accessible from the navigation menu, and it'll get the job done. It is very pretty with animated wind patterns, but there's no true animations for radar changes over time. The accuracy of the precipitation (the most important radar use case, I think) seems lacking. This data comes from a third-party, so this isn't necessarily the developer's fault.

Lastly, there's a full suite of widgets for Weather Wiz that are mostly very good. There are several different sizes, and each theme has its own backgrounds for them. However, you can also use the more generic stock ones if you like. There's an add that pops up when you add a widget, but after you've cleared it, you won't see it again until you add another Weather Wiz widget. Overall, I think this is a great weather app with a not too annoying monetization setup.