Adam in Real Time: Cleaning the Shop

After vacuforming parts and assembling the fuel tanks for his MacReady Flamethrower, Adam cleans up, readies the shop for some painting and ... dances (?!) to some copyrighted music.

Adam Unpacks Fan Gifts from Planet Comicon!

Very often at comic-con conventions, fans who come through Adam's autograph line will give him gifts (yes, they ALL make it back to the cave), and the attendees of Planet Comicon in Kansas City were no exception.

LEGO Back to the Future DeLorean + LED Lighting Kit Build!

We put together the new LEGO Back to the Future DeLorean, which features the iconic time machine in LEGO's Creator Expert scale.

Hands-On with Looking Glass 8K Holographic Display!

We go hands-on with the new Looking Glass 4K and 8K holographic displays and catch up with Looking Glass co-founder Shawn Frayne to talk about what the company has been working on since shipping their desktop Portrait device.

The Beacon | A Tested Short Film

Here's what ADAM SAVAGE DID LAST SUMMER! He, with the support of the gaming network G4, designed and built two xEMU-inspired spacesuits to celebrate G4's relaunch next week!