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PODCAST - This Is Only a Test

Best Bye's to Fry's – This is Only a Test 588 – 2/25/21

This week, we gush over the first images and audio to come from NASA's Perserverance rover after its successful landing on Mars! Jeremy is also beaming with pride over his first video game development credit in Blizzard's new Arcade Collection. With the highs also come the lows as we say goodbye to Cinefex, Daft Punk, and the computer store Fry's electronics. Plus some news on the PSVR front!

PODCAST - This Is Only a Test

All Eyes On Perserverance – This is Only a Test 587 – 2/18/21

We get excited for the Perserverance rover Mars landing happening later today in this week's episode. Jeremy finally watches In and Of Itself, we get hyped for The Last of Us casting, and try to deciper the new Chevy Bolt announcements. Plus, Kishore gets a Pelaton and we wrack our brains around reverse engineering the source code to GTA III.

PODCAST - This Is Only a Test

House of MCU – This is Only a Test 586 – 2/11/21

The gang gets together to recap their favorite bits from this past weekend's Superb Owl, including the new camera tech used for the broadcast and the best chicken wing recipes. Kishore shares tips for streamlining your streaming services, and Will guests this week to dive into the mind-bending implications of the latest WandaVision episode.

PODCAST - This Is Only a Test

Tesla Goes Full K.I.T.T. – This is Only a Test 585 – 2/4/21

WandaVision starts to get really interesting as we break down the latest MCU developments in the Disney+ show this week, along with discussion about Google's step back from Stadia games, multiple Mars landings this month, and Tesla's wild new car design decisions.

PODCAST - This Is Only a Test

In and Of Itself Spoilercast! – This is Only a Test 584 – 1/28/21

This week, we try to wrap our heads around the craziness happening with Gamestop's stock prices, and are joined by Will to review and discuss the Derek Delgaudio film In and Of Itself. Plus, a recap the latest WandaVision, brain-computer interface hype, and Kishore explains what's going on with COVID mutations. Thanks to Will for guesting this week! You can listen to Tech Pod at https://techpod.content.town/