Things may seem a bit different around here...

Hey Everyone!

If you caught our “Changes Are Coming” post last week, today’s new site design shouldn’t come as a surprise.

If you didn’t catch that post, then please allow this to serve as our announcement of some pretty significant changes here at Tested.com. First and foremost, this is technically a “soft launch” of the redesign, so we ask that you bear with us while we gather feedback and make updates or fixes over the next few weeks. Change can be difficult, even when it’s necessary, so we greatly appreciate your patience.

Please read the aforementioned post if you’d like more specifics on how these changes came about, but we’ll recap some things here:

  • This new look is all about making our content more discoverable and hopefully more enjoyable. You should be able to find what you’re looking for a little more easily with new site categories and an updated search. Our new homepage is designed so you can find content from the most recent weeks within a few clicks, rather than scrolling through pages in the old blogroll style.
  • Not ALL content from the previous site has been migrated to this one. There are numerous business decisions that went into our selection of content for this site. We did the best we could and let data be our guide. If you’re missing your favorite piece of older content, we apologize. Please don’t take it personally.
  • Tested.com no longer has user accounts. We’re eliminating usernames and the entire sign-in process. If you previously had an account, that data will be deleted from our old database in the coming weeks as we wind down our old infrastructure.
  • Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to the Forums. Without user accounts, it just didn’t make sense continuing with that aspect of the site. If you’d like to join our Discord for community chat, please click the Discord icon in the main nav above.
  • Commenting on posts is still allowed, but we don’t ask you to sign in. Right now, our moderation filters are fairly soft but if the spam kicks up again we’ll definitely move to “approved” comments only. All comments from the previous version of Tested.com have been ported over to this new site without the usernames. Thus the “anonymous” comments.
  • If you’re currently an active Premium member, you will no longer log into an account to view premium content. Each premium video now has a password on the video player. This password was distributed through a premium member newsletter on Wednesday, Oct. 21, to the email address we had on file. So please check any email you may have used to sign up as well as your spam folders. If you did not receive this password and you are eligible to view premium content, no problem! Please write to support@tested.com for account verification and your password. If you want to continue to watch exclusive content — both old and new — you can sign up for channel membership, which we moved to YouTube and talked about here.

That’s it for most of the major changes, but like we said, this is still a work in progress. We hope to use this as the starting point for a better future, with our continued efforts to bring you the content you love.

We’ll be in touch as we move through updates and changes. Many thanks for all of your support!

-Team Tested

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16 thoughts on “WELCOME TO THE NEW TESTED!

  1. I love anon comment boxes. It reminds me of… well, an internet I never really experienced. Hope the spam stays low, and the comments cool 🙂

  2. Site looks much better, on another note myself and several members have been asking for you guys to carry some of the more “bespoke” items that Adam talks about like the Sortimo boxes I really think that kind of stuff would be a welcome add to the tested store. Thanks for the great content, Chris Herbert

  3. Looks great. Not at all the first priority, but..

    – Dark Mode –

    ..would be great. My poor youtube darkmode eyes are suffering 😉

  4. Love the design of the new site! If I had to offer a small bit of critique, it would be for the dates of each vid to be posted next to the video player in the description. It always interested me to get a sense of when these videos were uploaded, and where they fall into the timeline in my head of the history of Tested. Basically, this is my not so short winded way of saying I’d love for the description section to be a little more substantial. After all, the more you know…

  5. It would be great if clicking the top video title took you to the page, clicking the play icon played it. Right now, if we want to check if there are comments, or additional text, about the top video, we have to go to the category and find it there.

    Also, I think the “All one-day builds” category is broken, because it doesn’t show the most recent ones.

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