Fun Friday: Make Chrome More Ridiculous with 4 Extensions

By Wesley Fenlon

The fun times you didn't know your browser was missing. Load it up with mustaches, Nyan cats, 1UP mushrooms and asteroids.

Your web browser is missing something. You might not know it, but there's a mustache-shaped hole--in your browser and in your heart. Fear not: there's a solution. It's called Must Stache, and it's an extension for Chrome that uses JavaScript and facial recognition technology to overlay mustaches atop every face on a web page.

Must Stache set us down a path searching for the goofiest, most pointless and (naturally) most fun extensions for Google's web browser. While there's not much out there that can compete with the glory of a killer 'stache, we found a trio of amusing extensions. They won't make your browser better, but they will make it four times as fun. Scientifically guaranteed.

Must Stache

Our headline extension takes a few minutes of work to set up, but it's worth the effort to see mustaches plastered atop every face in your browser window. Here's the installation process made simple:

  1. Install the Must Stache Chrome extension from the Chrome web store.
  2. Create a free developer account at
  3. Once registered and logged in, create a new application. We called ours "Must Stache" and used the Chrome web store link as the website URL.
  4. When the application's created, it should have a page on that lists your API Key and API Secret. Click the Must Stache icon in Chrome and enter those keys.
  5. Start 'staching.
This one's for Matt Rorie.

The API is necessary because Must Stache uses its technology to recognize faces and know where to work its Javascript magic. The developers originally used a single dev account and found it quickly maxed out by the API call limit of 5000 per hour. With your own account, you can go 'stache crazy.

Kick Ass

There's a joke in the name here, since Kick Ass is actually an Asteroids clone. Kick Asteroids! Except there aren't any asteroids. Instead, Kick Ass overlays a pilotable ship on top of whatever page you're on and lets you destroy page elements like space rocks.

Kick Ass isn't a proper game like real Asteroids, since there's no way to die and no challenge. But it also has some practical use: shoot out obnoxious ads and then print for a cleaner page. Or, in this case, destroying Giant Bomb's beautiful design. It's for a good cause.

1-UP for Google Plus

The +1 button has given Google Plus a reach outside its social media hub. And it's gotten pretty huge. Since March 2011, +1 button usage has grown to 5 billion clicks per day. If you're already using it--or just can't be bothered to click on a boring button--jazz it up. Make it fun with a Mario mushroom and the classic 1UP sound. Just try not to get carried away with the clicking.

Nyan Cat Progress Bar

Boring red progress bar, meet Nyan Cat. The extension overrides the default progress bar on HTML5 Youtube videos with an infinitely more entertaining Poptart cat. Opt into the HTML5 player here to get your Nyan on.