How To Pop-Out Netflix Streaming Videos from Your Browser

By Sam Cook

Here's a simple way to manage a Netflix Instant video in its own window.

While Netflix Instant is one of the best streaming video services around, it lacks a useful feature that both YouTube and Hulu have—a pop-out option. Being able to pop-out a video into its own window is nice, letting you drag your movie around without juggling the web page as well. If you’ve got a dual monitor setup, pop-out also lets you go full-screen without the hassle of having it shrink back down when you click somewhere else (Update: You can also fix the dual monitor issue by installing Silverlight 4. Thanks Netflix Instant team!). So if you’ve been missing this feature in Netflix Instant, fear not, there’s a simple workaround.

Chrome installed, then head over to the Chrome Web Store and install Google’s Chrome Toolbox. This extension has a whole list of features that you may or may not be interested in, so feel free to click its icon in the top right of your browser and disable anything you don’t want.

Netflix Instant, and start playing your movie or show of choice. Hover your mouse over the stream and you should see a small white tab show up in the upper-left corner. In most videos, this would be a full button, but Netflix tends to cover all but the very top. Click that little bit that you can see, and the Instant video will jump out into a window all by itself. Now you can move, resize, and even maximize your entertainment with ease. If you want to go back to the normal view, just close the window and it will pop back into a web page—it won’t even stop playing.