Wondercon 2010's Cosplayers...Love the iPad

By Norman Chan

Cosplayers and new technology, two of geekdom's favorite things together at last.

And now for something a little different. The iPad launch wasn't the only thing happening on Saturday; this was also the weekend of Wondercon, San Francisco's annual comic-book convention. While our buddies at ComicVine were on the Wondercon expo floor interviewing writers and artists, we were checking out the fans that showed up in full cosplay gear. 

We just so happen to have our iPad in tow, and decided to put it in the hands of superheroes and Stormtroopers. Batman thought the iPad would fit nicely in his utility belt, Sulu found it a little familiar, and steampunk scientists got a kick out of using such modern technology. And Captain America, the greatest patriot of all, approved this symbol of lavish capitalism. See? The iPad isn't just about the future of computing. It's about freedom.
Check out our full gallery below. It's the union of cosplay and new technology--two of my favorite things together at last. And, if you want the iPad wallpaper shown in the photos, click this link!
Which one is your favorite?