Survey Says: Most iPad Owners Not Ditching PCs for Tablets

By Wesley Fenlon

The majority of iPad buyers love their devices, but early and late adopters are doing very different things with them.

The iPad has been on the market for more than six months now, and we’re just beginning to see some competing devices ready themselves for battle. A whole lot of iPads have been sold since April--it hit three million units back in June--but that number doesn’t tell us how much use each little wundertablet is getting. Are half of them collecting dust in closets, or are they replacing laptops in homes across the country? As it turns out, most people are pretty damn happy with their iPads.

Eighty percent of early adopters, who bought the iPad within two months of launch, are pleased as punch with the device. Even those who hopped aboard the iPad train a few months later were pretty stoked about the device--65% declared themselves very satisfied in a survey done by NPD Group.

To the average user, the iPad isn’t yet a computer replacement. Only 13% of iPad buyers purchased a tablet instead of a PC, and we can see that late adopters aren’t using the device very far past its surface functionality. The major complaints leveraged against the device revolved around the lack of USB ports, easy printing abilities and weak multi-tasking.

Sixty percent of iPad owners were able to name a feature on the device they didn’t need, but almost all of them answered with basic software functionality--I don’t need to watch videos, I don’t need to edit photos, etc. Portability and Wi-Fi both make people happy. 3G, apparently, isn’t as popular.

If you own an iPad, how does NPD’s survey line up with your own experience with the tablet? Those of you who don’t have one: what do you think about the iPad? Planning on getting one?