The iPhone Will Soon Replace all Your Home Remotes

By Paul Lilly

Smartphones like the iPhone threaten to make traditional remotes obsolete.

just announced a pair of Blu-ray players with built-in support for iControlAV, a free app that allows you to control your Pioneer AV receiver and Blu-ray player with your iPhone or iPod touch just as you would with a regular remote.
Pioneer isn't the only one seeing the potential here. Samsung's TV Remote app, for example, turns your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad into a remote control that works with any 2010 Samsung TV. Even cooler, it supports gesture-based controls, which isn't something many dedicated remotes can duplicate. And there are others. ThinkFlood's RedEye device serves as an in-between for your iPhone and television or other home theater devices that require an IR signal, and this too supports multi-touch gestures.
solutions available for other mobile platforms too, including Google's fast growing Android OS. Many of the software solutions are a little rough around the edges in their current form and limited in support, but the writing on the wall is pretty clear. Smartphones are no longer a luxury of the rich, and since we're already using them for tasks that extend well beyond simply making and receiving phone calls, why not port them to the living room as well?
Do you think smartphones will ever truly replace the remote? Are you currently using an smartphone app to control any of your home theater devices? If so, which one(s)?
Edit: Clarified device type.