Adam Savage’s Spot Robot Rickshaw Carriage!

Adam’s first project with Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot gives it a novel purpose: pulling a custom-built carriage with Adam as its passenger! Watch Adam give Spot some Victorian flair and the interesting problems that arise in marrying cutting-edge robot technology with vintage transport.

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9 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s Spot Robot Rickshaw Carriage!

  1. Does spot ‘know’ he can _change_ the weight on his back by standing taller or crouching ? I’d imagine the stock ‘weight handling’ deals well with a static load (eg. backpack or back-mounted camera platform), but a rickshaw (or any 2-wheeled trailer) is a bit more dynamic. IMO it’d be interesting to let spot control the height of the trailer hitch in order to affect the tow weight – that’s what people do, without thinking about it. It’d also let you play with using those sensor and control blocks so conveniently located on his back.

  2. First, that rickshaw is fricking beautiful. “Oh, I just wanted a rickshaw, so I knocked one up”, like wtf. Second, that was super cool to see how they adjusted Spot to kinda lean more into it knowing it had more load.

    Third…. Please give Spot a tail. Spot is clearly modelled (and named) after a dog and nothing exudes the character of a dog like a tail.

    And maybe ears.

    And please get friend of Tested, Alonso Martinez to make and/or program them 🙂

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