Tested: Magic Leap One Augmented Reality Headset Review!

It’s finally here! We spend a week testing the Magic Leap One augmented reality headset, the long-awaited developer kit utilizing Magic Leap’s secretive display technology. Let’s dive deep into the hardware, display tech, user experience, and launch applications. Post your questions about the headset in the comments section!

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  1. How was it wearing glasses in the Magic Leap? Hard to cram them in, uncomfortable? Since they don’t yet sell the prescription glasses insert, there aren’t many options for 100% glasses-wearers.

  2. definitely hard to cram them in with my glasses. wireframe glasses would be easier, but i think still not comfortable for regular use.

  3. You can do an equivalent of the knight falling off the table in VR, but it requires some technical expertise and obviously is a pretty different experience.

    We created a 1:1 version of our office, recreating the furniture etc. and by editing the scene live as we tested the “hit box” with a set of Vive-controllers, had an environment where we could touch physical items that were represented in VR.

    That way you can interact with physical dummies of VR objects and get a super-fun immersive experience of say, walking onto platforms, rearranging furniture or opening a window and looking outside.

  4. Ever tried to make that crazy hotwheels track only to have to clear it up. AR hotwheels here we come. No more having to go along the floor you can have them floating in the air and of course the simulated physics still mean it has to roll downhill.

    Same with slot cars go crazy have as many lanes as you need, and they don’t even have to run next to each other all the way round. And why not have them go up the walls or across the ceiling. The laser pointer looked nice, now you can shoot your opponents cars too.

    Sounded like the SLAM might not be quite there yet but its getting close.

    How opaque do the virtual objects appear would you say 80%, 90%? In your gopro shots you could see something behind but with the lighting it wasn’t so easy to tell.

  5. Did you try the headset outside, in sunlight?

    No, it didn’t occur to me. A bright, sunlit room is unpleasant enough.

  6. Just what we’re talking about. Opacity of the augmented images. It decreases the brighter the environment, so I would expect outdoor sunlight would cause some imagery to practically disappear.

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