New Form 3+ SLA 3D Printer Review + Build Platform 2!

We test and review the new Formlabs Form 3+ along with its Build Platform 2, both just recently debuted at this year's CES.

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Joey reviews the Atlas Orion cinema lenses he used to shoot our recent short film "The Beacon", and compares the two sets of focal lengths offered in the Orion series

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We test and review the highest-resolution mSLA resin 3D printer for consumers today: Phrozen's new Sonic Mini 8K!

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LED tube lights like the ones by Quasar Science have emerged over the past few years as popular lighting options for performances, music videos, and film production.

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We go hands-on with a prototype of the Lynx R1, a standalone AR/VR headset that is shipping next year for $600.