In Brief: Photographer Dan Winters' Man Cave

By Norman Chan

The celebrated photographer is a beekeeper and prop builder, too!

Even if you've never heard of the name, it's very likely that you've seen Dan Winters' work. The famed editorial photographer has taken cover photos for just about every prestigious publication (his Wired magazine photos are a favorite of mine), and his subjects have ranged from actors to musicians to entrepreneurs (team Oculus included!) to heads of state. But Winters' interests expand beyond photography; this Wired gallery of his studio and workspace show obsessions (in the best sense of the word) with military history, mid-century ephemera, and entomology. The artifacts and handmade props that permeate his creative space are as beautiful as they are varied, but project a sense of belonging--together forming a portrait of the man. And yes, that does look like a jetpack on the floor of his shooting gallery. I'd love to be able to see him at work. Winters' friend and actor Nick Offerman also wrote this lovely tribute to the photographer for Time back in 2012.