NASA's Nikons On Board the International Space Station

By Norman Chan

Astronaut Don Pettit shows off his gear stash on board the International Space Station.

NASA's strong relationship with camera maker Nikon is no big secret; Nikon has been providing photographic equipment for space-faring missions since Apollo 15. In addition to professional cameras that any consumer can buy, Nikon has also made custom cameras for NASA's shuttle missions, such as the first fully digital camera. More recently, astronauts aboard the International Space Station have been using Nikon D3S cameras for gorgeous photos of Earth. Astronaut Don Pettit, who writes the "Letters to Earth" blog aboard the ISS, has offered fantastic insight into the challenges of photography from space. In fact, space photography seems to be a popular topic for astronauts to write about--I shared this blog post about camera settings in space from astronaut Alan Poindexter last month.

Photo Credit: NASA

And as anyone who's followed both amateur and professional photographers on Flickr knows, photogs love showing off their camera equipment. NASA recently released this photo of Don Pettit with the collection of 10 Nikon DSLRs on board the ISS, many equipped with incredible lenses. Check out the full photo here!