XBMC 10.0 "Dharma" Tempts You to Build Your Own HTPC

By Sam Cook

The new version of XBMC, the open source media software, has been released, sporting much improved add-on support.

If the current commercial set top boxes have left you unimpressed, or your DIY instinct is too strong to let you purchase an “off the shelf” solution, you’ve probably considered XBMC, the free and open source software created with home theater PC’s in mind. The program has now entered version 10.0 “Dharma,” making it an ever more attractive alternative to the products at your local electronics store.

project changelog , but here are the highlights.

XBMC Live CD that will let you check it out without altering your current setup.

Are any of you using XBMC? What do you think of it and the 10.0 update?