Mixed Reality

Hands-On: Looking Glass Portrait Holographic Display

We go hands-on with a prototype of the Looking Glass Portrait, a self-contained holographic display that can show volumetric photos, video, and cg models without the use of 3D glasses. It's the latest invention from Looking Glass Factory, and we chat with the company's co-founder Shawn Frayne about how the display technology works and the process of turning portrait-mode photos into 3D images like what we've seen in science fiction films. Thanks to Looking Glass for loaning us this unit to test!

HP Reverb G2 VR Headset Review!

We test and review the final shipping production model of HP's Reverb G2 virtual reality headset, which has some meaningful improvements over the pre-production prototype we used this past summer.

Star Wars: Tales from The Galaxy's Edge VR Review

We review the just-released VR game Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge, the latest virtual reality experience from Lucasfilm's ILMxLAB.

Battle Royale in VR: Population One Quest 2 Hands-On!

We go hands-on with Popluation: One, the upcoming virtual reality Battle Royale game made for cross-platform play. Check out how it looks and plays on the Oculus Quest 2 while we chat with BigBox VR's founders about the making of the game and the challenges of engineering and balancing an 18-player VR game that runs smoothly on mobile and PC headsets. Plus, we review the new VR Cover accessory for Quest 2!

PROJECTIONS: Star Wars: Squadrons VR Review!

It's finally here! We review Star Wars: Squadrons and how it plays in VR headsets like the Valve Index and Quest 2. Here's how dogfighting in X-Wings and TIE Fighters looks and plays in virtual reality, and the differences between flying with a gamepad, keyboard and mouse, and a flight stick (HOTAS). Squadrons' virtual reality support exceeds our expectations and is an essential game if you're a Star Wars fan and have a VR headset!