Mixed Reality

Hands-On with Mojo Augmented Reality Contact Lens!

We go eyes-on with the feature prototype of Mojo Lens, an in-development contact lens with an embedded augmented reality display and the electronics needed to run it wirelessly.

Hands-On with Tilt Five Production AR Glasses!

It's been a while since we first looked at the technology of Tilt Five, the augmented reality gaming headset invented by Jeri Ellsworth. The novel tabletop gaming approach to AR promised to bring a new level of immersion to everything from board games to D&D.

Hands-On: VR Haptics with Ultrasonic Speakers

We go hands-on with the Emerge Wave 1, a haptic feedback device that uses ultrasonic speakers to create the sensation of touch for VR games and social experiences.

Playing Chess in Quest 2 Mixed Reality — Awesome Unity Slices Demo!

We go hands-on with the upcoming Unity Slices: Table, a mixed reality demo from Unity Labs that makes use of the Quest 2's new passthrough video API as well as Presence Platform developer tools.

Hands-On: Lynx R1 Mixed Reality AR/VR Headset!

We go hands-on with a prototype of the Lynx R1, a standalone AR/VR headset that is shipping next year for $600.