The 10 Best Things About OS X Lion 10.7 Developer Preview

By Matthew Braga

Although Lion is still months from release, we've compiled a modest list of Apple's ten most promising features, both big and small.

It's the eve of Apple's much anticipated iPad event, and we know it's been hard to concentrate on much else — but not us. We've been hard at work putting the latest developer preview of Mac OS X Lion 10.7 through it's paces, and so far, there's lots to like.  

About This Mac Revamped


Resize Windows From Any Corner 

This is a small change, but makes a huge difference. We're not sure why it took so long, but Finder windows, and other applications that support resizing, can now be stretched or shrunk from any corner. The functionality is a little hard to see in a screenshot, but it's much handier in practice than it sounds. Trust us. 

Full-screen Apps 

Crash Handling Improved


Mission Control 




relatively ancient concept popular again. 




We may be months away from release, but based on early impressions, is there anything about OS X Lion you love, hate, or hope to see included? Discuss below.