Gmail for iOS Released, Pulled for Busted Notifications

By Wesley Fenlon

Gmail finally gets a native app on iOS--for about an hour. Google pulled the app after discovering an error in its push notifications.

It's been a tumultous couple of days for Gmail. First rumors hit that a Gmail app would finally hit iOS. Then Google began rolling out its new theme to webmail inboxes. Today the Gmail app made its debut--and just as quickly vanished from the App Store thanks to broken notifications. If you were lucky enough to grab the app when it launched, you got a native front-end for Gmail that looked spiffy but otherwise felt similar to the existing Gmail web app.

Google's prettied up Gmail with its new theme and added in a few gesture-based flourishes for navigation, but emails don't appear to be cached on the phone and multiple account sign-ins are a no-go.

Google built a pair of easy swipe controls into Gmail for refreshing the inbox and accessing folders, labels, and more. Pulling down on the inbox pings Google's mail servers for an update and will pull in any new messages waiting in the wings. Swiping to the right reveals a left-hand menu for skipping between the regular inbox, Priority Inbox, All Mail and Spam folders, labels, and on and on.

Search is built right into the menu bar, though it doesn't offer the extensive options of Gmail's new default webmail layout. The app has a separate layout for iPad users and works with iOS 4 and above. Like most iPad mail apps, the inbox is displayed along the left-hand side while messages take up most of the screen.

Google will re-release the app as soon as it gets its badge push notification system ironed out.