Fling Brings Analog Controls to iPad Touch Gaming

By Matthew Braga

The Fling iPad gaming controller might just be one the most inventive game add-on for Apple's tablet yet — and the best.

One of the biggest gaming gripes with iOS devices is the lack of physical buttons or controls. Kicking ass and chewing bubblegum in Duke Nukem 3D just doesn't feel the same on touch screen controls, and there hasn't been much hapless gamers can do to fix it. We've seen attempts, of course, from so-called gaming grips to wireless add-ons, but one of the simplest might just be the best. 

Fling iPad game controller on hand today at CES — and it's perhaps the most effective gaming add-on for the iPad market. 

The demo we tried had two Fling's on either side of the iPad's screen, controlling a dual-joystick title. What makes the experience so smooth is that the capacitive nub never actually makes any contact with the screen, but hovers just above. More so, that spiral design pictured above is meant to create resistance the closer you get to the edge of the ring, giving the user a tactile sense of where the joystick's boundaries lie — something that apparently took numerous prototypes to get just right. 
But it works, and quite well, in fact. We were told the Fling can now be bought through Ten One Design's website for $25, with a pack of two retailing for $38. A representative was quick to point out that this nub is perfectly compatible with Android tablets too, and even hinted that an iPhone/smartphone variant might be in the works.