All Sony NGP Games Will Be Available for Download

By Wesley Fenlon

Whether you prefer to download games or buy them on physical media, Sony aims to please.

Sony’s PSP Go debacle was a failed product launch for a number of reasons, but one issue continued to nag Go buyers long after its release: games shipping on UMD without a PSN counterpart. That portable form factor goes to waste when only a selection of the product’s library are available.

available in downloadable form on PSN the day they hit retail shelves.

Sony NGP ditches the proprietary UMD optical storage in favor of flash-based media. Anyone interested in downloading a game instead of purchasing it on a 4GB flash cart will have that choice. House also noted that the equality between physical and downloadable media isn’t a two-way street--some games will see release on PSN without shipping to stores as a full-price case+manual affair.

Expect developers and Sony to push inexpensive downloadable games on PSN once the NGP hits. With the established success of the PlayStation Network, these games may outperform the content available on Nintendo’s DSiWare platform. Nintendo has always lagged behind when it comes to the world of online, but we’re interested to see how downloads fare on Nintendo’s eShop and PSN once the 3DS and NGP are both available.