Microsoft SideWinder Gaming Brand No More? [Update]

By Wesley Fenlon

Microsoft's Sidewinder gaming peripherals had a good run, but their time has come.

Another PC gaming brand has scored its last frag this day, as Microsoft is expected to announce the end of its SideWinder gaming peripherals. First launched in the early 90s, Microsoft’s SideWinder series included a number of gamepads and joysticks for PC gamers. It was eventually cancelled in 2003 and then revived in 2007 with a new range of products in collaboration with Razor. Since 2007, Microsoft has only released four mice and two keyboards under the SideWinder banner.

Update: Looks like VR-Zone may have jumped the gun or been flat-out wrong, as Microsoft has given us the following statement: "Microsoft Hardware has not made any announcement about the SideWinder line of products; it is not discontinued." Perhaps the Sidewinder brand still has enough life left in it for another mouse or two.