Minecraft Officially Coming to iOS and Android This Year!

By Sam Cook

Everyone's favorite indie open world crafting/building/mining game is getting an official iPhone and Android version.

As if you aren’t wastin . . . investing enough of your time into Minecraft, you’ll soon be able to play last year’s indie favorite anywhere using your iOS or Android device. Of course, there have already been a number of unofficial iOS versions, but the upcoming release will be straight from the original Mojang team, developed by their recent hire Aron Neiminen. Both versions are scheduled to be released later this year, at which time much of the developed world will come to a grinding halt as every human endeavor gets put on hold for constant virtual mining.

Still, though, we could see these new clients being a success. While you may prefer the full desktop environment for building the next great Minecraft pyramid, a mobile edition might be a nice way to kill a few minutes digging for ore, crafting more ladder pieces, or accidentally burning something down.

If you haven’t tried Minecraft yet, you can get it from the official site, then log into our ½ Official Server. And if you want to know more about the project, check out this Kickstarter project to make a documentary about the game.    
Lead image via thebigred on the Tested forums