Here are AMD's New 6870 and 6850 Video Cards—Plus Our Photo Analysis

By Norman Chan

What information can you glean from the press shots?

We told you it was coming. After confirming that they would be launching an updated GPU lineup this week in last Thursday's earnings call, AMD has officially released the names and images of its latest GPU family. Unsurprisingly, this will be the 6800 series family, with two cards anchoring the launch: the Radeon HD 6870 and Radeon HD 6850. Technical specifications aren't public yet, but they can't be far behind now that images of the cards are out.

In-depth photo analysis below!

mini Display Ports, and a singular HDMI port for a total of 5 video outputs. Contrast this to the 5870 which did not have the two mini DisplayPorts (it only had one full-size one). The 5870 Eyefinity edition did sport six mini DisplayPorts, but that SKU may become moot if you're able to connect up to six monitors to this new board (which is possible if this is DP 1.2). Up in the air is whether either or both of the DVI ports are Dual-Link DVI, though it's safe to say that one must be for compatibility with 30" monitors.

A couple more shots.

And now the AMD Radeon 6850.


  No prices or availability details were issued, but stay tuned! Examine the shots closely, and share what else you can deduce about these new video cards in the comments below!