Hands-On with Tilt Five Production AR Glasses!

It's been a while since we first looked at the technology of Tilt Five, the augmented reality gaming headset invented by Jeri Ellsworth. The novel tabletop gaming approach to AR promised to bring a new level of immersion to everything from board games to D&D.

Hands-On with Meta's New VR Headset Prototypes!

We get a glimpse of what future generations of virtual reality displays from Meta could look like with a trip to Reality Labs Research, where we meet the Display Systems Research team and try on four of their prototype VR headsets that test the limits of resolution, brightness, focus shifting, and form factor.

Hands-On: VR Haptics with Ultrasonic Speakers

We go hands-on with the Emerge Wave 1, a haptic feedback device that uses ultrasonic speakers to create the sensation of touch for VR games and social experiences.

Valve Steam Deck Handheld Gaming PC Review!

It's finally here! We've been testing Valve's Steam Deck for the past two weeks and go in-depth in discussing the hardware, ergonomics, performance, and software experience of this handheld gaming PC.

Playing Chess in Quest 2 Mixed Reality — Awesome Unity Slices Demo!

We go hands-on with the upcoming Unity Slices: Table, a mixed reality demo from Unity Labs that makes use of the Quest 2's new passthrough video API as well as Presence Platform developer tools.