Tested: Atlas Orion Anamorphic Cinema Lenses!

Joey reviews the Atlas Orion cinema lenses he used to shoot our recent short film "The Beacon", and compares the two sets of focal lengths offered in the Orion series

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LED tube lights like the ones by Quasar Science have emerged over the past few years as popular lighting options for performances, music videos, and film production.

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How Google's Wing Drone Delivery Aircraft Works

Will drone deliveries be a practical part of our future? We visit the test facilities of Wing to check out how their engineers and aircraft designers have developed a drone and drone fleet control system that is actually in operation today in parts of the world

Portable Fog Machines for Propmaking and Photography!

Want to add fog or fake smoke to your projects? We round up several off-the-shelf ways to add haze or a whispy smoke effect to your photography and prop or costume builds, including two battery-powered devices.