How To Make a Fake Frosty Beer Bottle!

In this behind-the-scenes production video, Joey shows us how he prepped a beer bottle to look perfectly frosty and icy cold for his spec commercial shoot. Using off the shelf products like surf wax, glycerin, and salt, you can make any glass bottle look like it was just pulled out of an ice chest and stay that way for the duration of a photo or video shoot!

iPhone vs DSLR Figure Photography with Hot Toys Hulkbuster!

Norm compares the RAW photo quality of a full-frame DSLR with that of the iPhone with Apple's ProRAW file format, featuring and reviewing the gargantuan Hot Toys Hulkbuster sixth-scale figure.

Tested: Edge-Lit LED Panel and Figure Display Lights

As we continue to work from home and look at ways to improve our home studios, Norm shares some lighting gear he's been testing, including a flapjack-style LED light to use as a key video light and mini LED spotlights that help his figure collection look more like museum displays. Let's take a look inside this GVM LED panel to see how it works and compares to a back lit panel light.

Tested: Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO Video Switcher!

For our recent livestream productions, we've been testing the Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO as a dedicated hardware solution to switch between multiple cameras and add effects like dissolves and picture-in-picture.

Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Mobile Filming Rig!

After over eight months of filming his builds in the cave, Adam has refined his mobile filming rig to make it easy to move around the shop and capture all the different tools and processes shown in One Day Builds and other videos.