Google Play App Roundup: 1 Second Everyday, Momonga Pinball Adventures, and Nun Attack: Run and Gun

By Ryan Whitwam

Video squirrels and running nuns.

The new week is upon us, and you might be looking for a few new apps to make it through. Well, the weekly Google Play App Roundup provides just what you need. This is where you can find out about the best new and newly updated apps and games. Just click the links to head right to Google Play.

This week we mash-up your life, save some squirrels, and slay unholy demons.

1 Second Everyday

Surely something interesting happens to you over the course of the day. You probably don't remember it, though. There's a lot of other stuff to worry about, but maybe 1 Second Everyday can help organize that interesting stuff. The name gives you a pretty good idea what it does -- it helps you assemble mash-ups from 1 second video snippets.

The main interface in 1 Second Everyday is a calendar, which is handy for showing you which days have snippets, and which you can still fill in. The gold squares indicate you filmed a video that still needs to be trimmed. Screenshots indicate you have a 1 second video ready to go. The app can pull content from any video, not just the ones you take in the app.

The bottom of the calendar UI has a few buttons to access the video camera, make a compilation, view compilations, and view the app settings. Oddly, this is one step short of a legitimate action bar, but its at the bottom.

The compilations are the main feature of 1 Second Everyday. You can create a new compilation of a month, a year, or for a custom range. It takes a few seconds to render, but the results are neat. I'd like to see some more options as far as transition effects, and maybe filters, though.

The feature that makes this app profoundly interesting it the ability to manage multiple timelines. You can access this from the drop down at the top. You can have a general timeline, then another for the kids, or one for a long-term project you might be working on. If you're worried about remembering to record all these videos, there's a reminder function in the settings.

1 Second Everyday is a free app, so you should definitely try it out.

Momonga Pinball Adventures

Pinball games can be a fun little diversion, but there's not much depth to them. Momonga Pinball Adventures is a game with a bit more to offer. Rather than simply racking up points until you run out of balls, Momonga gives you goals to complete across various pinball-based levels. It's as much an adventure game as it is a pinball sim.

Momonga Pinball Adventures has a straightforward backstory that is related to you in a series of comic book-style panels. You are the last free Momonga (a kind of flying squirrel thing). All the other having been scooped up by the dastardly owls. It's up to you to bounce through various stages and environments to save your compatriots.

For most of the game you're going to be launching your character around small pinball areas to break open new paths, collect coins, and even take out baddies. The controls are dead simple -- tap the left side of the screen to activate the left flippers, and vice versa on the right. I feel like the pinball physics are a little more smoothed out and not realistic in this game, thus you have more margin for error. That's probably appropriate, given the type of game. There are also some cool sequences where you get to fly, which makes sense being a flying squirrel.

Each level has five challenges you can complete for maximum stars, but getting to the end is all you absolutely have to do. You can go back and try to complete the other goals at any time, and that's one of the main draws. Each level is fairly large, but there are only nine levels in the story mode. Additionally, there are 45 challenge levels, and a few minigames. I would have liked to see a little more in the campaign, but it's sufficient.

The graphics in Momonga Pinball Adventure are classic cel shaded, and it really works. The character models look friendly and emotive. The designers use a simple theme, but it's not an overly simple game. There's a lot going on in Momonga Pinball Adventure with detailed landscapes and clever level design. It also makes good use of scale and perspective to help you make sense of the levels. It feels very polished, not a graphical bug to be found.

Momonga Pinball Adventure is only $0.99, so it's certainly worth investigating.

Nun Attack: Run and Gun

Endless runners are good for killing a few minutes at a time, but they're best when they have a good sense of humor. The original Nun Attack was not an endless runner, but if you can imagine taking the elements of that game, and overlaying it on an endless runner, you'd have the new Nun Attack: Run and Gun.

Let's get this out of the way: the only goal in this game is to get as far as possible without dying. Some people aren't into this kind of open-ended gameplay, but others are. As you make it farther each time, you accrue gold which can be used to upgrade your abilities. Sound familiar? Well, the rest of it is pretty different.

You play as one of four nuns with guns. You get one for free, but the others have to unlocked with gold. At the beginning of each run, you have the opportunity to load yourself down with power ups if you want to spend a few coins. These abilities will also show up randomly in the game, and can be upgraded by spending gold in the lobby.

The nun will run left to right across the screen, and it's up to you to jump, slide, and drop when you need to pick up gold, avoid a trap, or shoot a monster. There are multiple platforms at different heights in the game, so you can jump between them as needed. There are up and down arrows on the left to jump, or drop one level. There is also a slide button off to the right for getting under low obstacles. This is also where you'll find the fire button.

The game is broken up into short stretches with bonus tunnels full of coins in between. The game alternates between werewolves, vampires, and skeletons. You have unlimited ammo in Nun Attack, but that isn't always enough. They get more powerful as you progress, so you might need to hit them more than once. Upgrading your weapon is essential to succeed.

The gameplay is fun, and I often felt compelled to take another run at things when I made any progress. Just a few more coins and I can do this or that... it's a cleverly designed game. Of course there are in-app purchases to speed things along and remove ads. If you're into the game, it might be worth it to give the developers some money.

The game has a fun design -- it looks cartoon-y but still dark. It reminds me of an action movie that doesn't take itself too seriously. There's no aliasing on the edges, and the animations are very smooth. It's not awe-inspiring, but there's not really anything to complain about in the visual department.

This game is free-to-play, so take a look and see if you dig this supernatural runner.