Instapaper App Comes to Android

By Norman Chan

Creator Marco Arment contracted out the port to a third-party development team.

Instapaper, my favorite reading application for iOS, has finally been ported over to Android for both phones and tablet.

Photo Credit: Mobelux

Instapaper is widely used and loved by the iOS community, despite still competition from competing services that perform similar functions like Readability and Apple's own Reading List (native to Safari). This is due in no small part to its creator and lone developer, former Tumblr CTO Marco Arment, who has become a popular technology commentator in his own right. Arment's blog is insightful and frank about his thoughts on technology, Apple, and user experience; every update to Instapaper is accompanied by a clear explanation explaining the thoughtfulness behind iterative changes. As an app developer, he's a standout role model. And as a tech commentator, he's one of the few pundits that you just love to love.

Arment's openness about his skepticism for Android is what makes the release of Instapaper for that platform really interesting. The port was actually contracted out to the team at Mobelux, who Arment had previously worked with on the Tumblr mobile application. And while early tests of this port show that it's not completely on par with the iOS version (some features like full screen reading and pagination have yet to be added), Arment is the type of developer who is very careful about the software he puts his name on. Hopefully, he'll pay the same amount of attention he does on the iOS version as he does approving changes to the Android build. The dual-development path will also yield interesting concrete data about differences in usage and revenue on iOS and Android, which should make fun analysis for Arment in the future. Definitely looking forward to reading that.

Instapaper for Android is available now in the Google play store for $2.99.