5 Reasons Why Your Desktop Needs a Bluetooth Adapter

By Matthew Braga

From mobile phones to remote controls, there's a few reasons why you might want to equip yourself with a wireless card or dongle.

These days, its common place for our laptops to be stuffed to the brim with wireless radios and connectivity. 802.11n, Bluetooth and 3G modems are all there to help us stay connected on the go, but none of these have quite made their way to our desktop machines. Most PC towers are wired anyhow, placed close enough to a router or modem that wireless connectivity isn't required.  


Move Files From Mobile Phones

Wireless Gaming With Console Controllers

We covered the process for each of today's popular controllers a few months back, and it only takes a few minutes to bring that motion-controlled goodness to your desktop PC.

Use Wireless Keyboards and Mice — Especially Apple's

trackpads are particularly known for this choice of wireless function, so if you're ever looking to use your Mac-friendly input on a PC tower, a Bluetooth dongle or adapter should come in handy (as long as you have the proper Bootcamp drivers).

Remote Control Your Life

We here at Tested are all about making your life just a little easier, and luckily, Bluetooth is just the way to do it. With a bit of software, you can set both your Mac and PC to respond to the proximity of a Bluetooth device, and trigger certain actions when you leave the predetermined zone. Your PC could lock itself when you walk away, or pause active downloads upon your return — what you do is really up to you.

Online Trashtalk With A Cellphone Headset


If you've decided to purchase a Bluetooth adapter or dongle after all, there's a few things to keep in mind. Websites like Newegg and Tiger Direct have a great selection of Bluetooth devices, but not all are created equal. Tiny, fingernail-sized USB adapters are generally marked as class 2 wireless devices, meaning their effective range is only limited to a few meters — good for mice, keyboards, but not much else. More powerful, class 1 devices, meanwhile, are more conventional wireless dongles with external antennas, and can actually work over ranges up to 100m in length. With that in mind, choose your model accordingly!  
And if you're really having reception issues, a wireless hub could be all you need to make that Magic Trackpad truly work like...well, magic.
Image via Flickr users Cujan and yum9me.