How To Coil Headphone Cords and Keep Them Untangled

By Paul Lilly

We show you the best ways to uncoil your headphone cables and keep them untangled.

It doesn't take much for headphones to become tangled, kinked, or otherwise jumbled, even though you spent time neatly wrapping them around your media player before shoving the whole thing in your pants pocket. You could spend an inordinate amount of money on higher quality headphones, but the quality of your earbuds isn't to blame, it's your technique. Spend a little time learning how to manage your headphones and you'll never have to deal with a tangled mess again.

Use an Earbud Clip

$15 at the Apple Store, though you can find it for far cheaper if you dig around the web ( $4 on Amazon, for example).

Alternately, a company called PKOH NYC used to make an Earbud Clip of its own that made easy work out of wrapping and unwrapping your headphones from your media player, but the product has long since been discontinued. If this is more to your liking, you can try your luck on Ebay and Craigslist.

The Figure 8 Method

here, and if you get stuck amid the 4-step process, you probably shouldn't be handling headphones to begin with.

How to Knot Tie Your Cables

The Figure 8 method isn't the only way to knot your cables so they don't become kinked, there are plenty of other techniques. Some of these involve wrapping the cord around your fingers before neatly tying them in place around the middle, while others, such as the MP3 knot, involve wrapping and securing the cable directly to your media player. Have about two and a half minutes to spare? Then check out these three quick video clips:
  1. Wrap without Ties
  2. MP3 Player Knot
  3. The "WTF Did He Just Do?" Knot

The Hanger and Clothespin Method

A hanger and clothespin don't just come in handy for doing laundry, they can also be used to straighten out coiled cords, even ones that may appear permanently kinked. All you have to do is put them on an hanger in your closet with the earbuds facing downwards. This alone isn't likely to do the trick, so to give the cord(s) more weight, attach a couple of clothespins at the bottom and let it all hang for a night. When you wake up in the morning, the cord should be straight as an arrow.

Avoid Fraying Your Cables

How do you keep your headphone cords tidy? Do you even bother managing your cables?