iPod WALdok Concept Pumps Music Right From Your Wall

By Wesley Fenlon

The WALdok takes the convenience of an iPod dock to heart, building a speaker into the compact wall unit.

Fact: Kickstarter makes awesome projects like Robocop statues possible and is a common outlet for inventive concepts to gain the funding necessary for production. You can tell an idea is dynamite when a few days of blog coverage helps it rake in $44,000, and the WALdok is one such project. The WALdok is an iPod/iPhone docking station that plugs into a wall outlet and has a speaker built directly into the unit.

way cooler, since it produces music instead of flowery fresh scents. Numerous pictures and details below.

So they did. The designers even modified the unit with a flip-plug for convenience and portability. A smart move, considering the design also calls for an internal battery providing between 6-12 hours of playback away from a wall outlet.

WALdok is set to enter production on April 8. If you kick in $59 to the project, you’ll be one of the first to receive a WALdok once the units roll of the assembly line. We hope designer Hern Kim goes with the mockup that combines transparent plastic with steel and black for a final design--it’s one classy lookin’ iPod dock.